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OKC Morning Loud Links: Home for the Hornets

The Thunder resume tonight against their old pals the New Orleans Hornets, a team that is on an extended losing streak. As we know from last week though, the Thunder would do well to stay focused and not play down to their competition.

Thunder Killers | Daily Thunder

Young runs down a list of players who seem to play beyond their normal abilities when they face OKC. I'm on board with Tony Allen; there's something about playing the Thunder that causes him to morph into Scottie Pippen.

Thunder Played Close to Perfection Against Pistons | NewsOK

The opening quarter against the Pistons was the perfect blend of stifling defense, efficient fast break, the promise that there is more to come.

MarShon Brooks Rookie Diary | NY Post

Before every game, DeShawn [Stevenson] wants 38 straws and a large Coke. I get embarrassed every time I go into McDonald's and I have to count out 38 straws.

The Art of the Blocked Shot | LA Times

Serge Ibaka is learning the fine art of how to block a shot. He would do well to study the masters of the game's history. In particular, Bill Russell might have a thing or two to teach him about keeping the ball in play after the block.

The NBA's Image Problem | Hardwood Paroxysm

I too have often thought about the subject of this post. To me it speaks to the fact that when the league makes gross missteps, like the burly play from the 90's or the two lockouts, the ramifications toward the casual fan are tremendous.

NBA Rookie Rankings III | Grantland

Kyrie Irving takes over the top spot. Check out Pruiti's analysis to see why.

These Are Moments: Chicago Bulls | Hardwood Hype

There are a lot of Jordan highlights here. Not so much for Luc Longley.

Kevin Love Closing in on 4-Year Extension | CBS Sports

"If you read it on the Internet it must be true, right?"

Flip Saunders Fired | SB Nation

Well, he did beat the Thunder...better make sure the Subway shops are well-staffed.

Magic Johnson, Mark Cuban Bidding on the Dodgers | CBS Sports

An odd paring, for sure.