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OKC Loud Links: Defensive Fortitude

The Thunder put on a highlight reel last night, but the big takeaway should be that the Thunder are very tough to beat when they dedicate themselves to good defense and good rebounding. They had a 30 point lead in the 2nd quarter and probably could have doubled it had they wanted to. Fortunately, coach Scott Brooks recognized the bigger picture and got reserves Reggie Jackson and Cole Aldrich into the game for some valuable game experience. Jackson especially is taking his lumps now, but if the team sticks with him he's going to have his moment when the stakes are high.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

High praise for Serge Ibaka here. Ibaka finally started to look like the defensive menace that he was last season. His offense is still a bit off though; I think he would do well to set up from about 13 feet out rather than 18 feet.

Thunder Knock Out Pistons Early | Daily Thunder

Russell Westbrook's comment on THAT pass is great:

"I'm naturally left handed you know. [KD] was running with me and he was he was going to get the pass. He just didn't know how."

Worst of the Night | Basketbawful

The Magic think that the Pistons put forth a tremendous effort last night.

Jason Richardson: Bench Defensive Specialist | SB Nation

This is insane. I don't think I've seen anything like this since I coached 5th grade rec-ball.

OKC By the Numbers | NewsOK

One set of numbers not mentioned - the Thunder still were out-rebounded on the offensive glass.

Was the Melo Trade Really That Lopsided? | Wages of Wins

Here is some evidence that we're looking in the wrong direction.

Gordon Waiting on Stern's Approval | CBS Sports

Glory, what exactly does Stern have against the Hornets?

Portland, Still Different | Twitter

Hollinger with an interesting note from last night's game in Portland.