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Westbrook's Sweet Pass to Durant

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The Thunder crushed the Pistons tonight defensively, and great defense often leads to great fast break opportunities. The game was not even three minutes old when Russell Westbrook pulled off this spectacular fast break play, dishing the ball to a trailing Durant who gets the lay-in and the foul.

There are a lot of things to love about this play. Here are three:

  1. The quick outlet pass from Kendrick Perkins after the defensive rebound.
  2. Westbrook somehow picked up Durant in his field of vision, even though Durant seemed to be trailing on the play. Jump to 5 seconds in and check out the position Durant is in when Westbrook winds up the pass.
  3. Durant finished the play strong, earning the and-1.

All that said, what I loved most was Westbrook's reaction after Durant finished the play. Great play, great finish, great reaction.