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Russell Westbrook: "I Was Kind of Speechless"

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The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry had the opportunity to do a phone interview with the newly minted Russell Westbrook, and Westbrook was in jovial spirits as Mayberry inquired about the new contract extension.

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The interview is remarkable because it is one of the rare moments where Westbrook actually opened up a bit about his impression on things and how he was taking it all in. Last season, there were a number of times when Mayberry mentioned in his post-game nuggets and online chats that he didn't quote Westbrook much because there wasn't much for him to quote. This time, however, Westbrook was in a much more quotable mood. Be sure to check out the entire post, but here are some select quotes:

I was kind of speechless, just kind of sitting there thinking about all the stuff I did to get to this point. It kind of reminded me of draft night all over again and making another jump; of all the work I’ve put in and all the people that have helped me get here, I was just thanking God."


"I just want to tell the people that I’m thankful and that I appreciate the organization for believing in me...And that I’m going to go out and give it 110 percent every night for the city and for the organization and for my family and the fans."

In reading Mayberry's account, it is evident Westbrook is as dynamic personally as he is professionally. He is composed and thoughtful and fully aware of the tremendous fortune he has earned.