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OKC Morning Loud Links: Westbrook Contract Fallout

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Russell Westbrook's new contract extension was the trending story yesterday, as a number of of experts weighed in on what it means for both him and the Thunder going forward. One thing is for certain; everybody in the organization seems especially happy about it all.

Contract Extension Keeps Thunder Among the Elite | NewsOK

The Thunder is set for five years of excellent basketball.

Thunder Wise to Give Westbrook Extension | Sports Illustrated

Part of the perceived risk embedded in Westbrook's extension is this assumption that Westbrook is never going to get any better than he is right now. We have to ask though, given his growth over the past three seasons, where exactly did that notion come from?

Why the Structure of Westbrook's Deal is Important | Daily Thunder

With the new CBA deal in place, it is going to be harder than ever before for teams to keep all of their star players intact. Young argues that Westbrook's deal helps the Thunder in this challenge.

Westbrook Extension Brings End to Perceived Friction | Sports Illustrated

Amick writes that the contract extension and the way it has been handled should put to rest all of the story lines that wonder if Westbrook is a loose canon. Aw, who am I kidding?

Day of Life in the NBA, Then and Now | GQ

Nick Collison has a great diary entry in GQ where he talks about how playing in the NBA has changed over the years. While this piece could certainly come across as, "look at me," Collison does a great job (as he usually does) in elevating the people around him. His target of admiration here is assistant coach Maurice Cheeks.

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About... | Behind the Basket

Blott still isn't sold on Westbrook's contribution and wonders why people aren't paying attention to what could be a disastrous downside. While the concern is valid, I think that his evaluation of Westbrook is a little off-base; you be the judge.

Miami 5-0 Without Wade; What Does it Mean? | CBS Sports

It probably means that LeBron James really is the best player on the planet.

JaVale McGee's Mom: Dedicated, Loving, Kind of Crazy | SB Nation

"Wiz parent-teacher conferences gonna be stressful."

Ainge Open to Trading Big 3 | CBS Sports

We all saw them this past Monday. If Ainge doesn't have this approach, the Celtics are going to continue to sink. Circle of life, and all that crap.

Is Kyrie Irving Better than Chris Paul? | Wages of Wins

No. Of course. But the WoW guys do a good job in looking at how the rookie is coming along.

Westbrook Still Has Room to Improve | NBA Playbook

Here are a few video analyses of Westbrook's most recent game, which quite honestly is not the best game to choose if you want to evaluate his areas for growth. Westbrook was actually pretty phenomenal in that game.

SportsCenter's Top 10 Featured the D-League | SB Nation

Schroeder, our resident D-League expert, spots a D-League highlight making its way to national consciousness.