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OKC Morning Loud Links: Hangin' in DC

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Tonight the Thunder visit the moribund Washington Wizards in our nation's capital. It is Kevin Durant's old stomping grounds, so I'm sure he will be putting in a special effort to give his home-town guys a spectacle to remember.

Westbrook's Extension: Both Sides Are Dug In | Daily Thunder

"Dug in?" What does that even mean? Does it mean that agent and GM are locked in a room hammering out a deal, or does it mean that each side is unwilling to move from their negotiating position?

Sefalosha No Longer an Offensive Liability | NewsOK

Thabo Sefalosha has shown greater confidence in shooting the ball in this young season. He has to be able to step in and shoot the ball; otherwise, he becomes a player whom the defense can ignore and it bogs down everything else the Thunder try to do.

Durant, Wall Don't See a Problem With Summer League Hoops | Washington Post

Durant and John Wall spent a lot of time over the summer playing in any summer league game they could find. I cannot speak for other players, but I would argue that the time Durant spent on the court has pushed him to another level of his ever-expanding game.

Knicks a Losing Team With 'Melo | ESPN

Has the mega-trade that brought Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks been fruitful? It sure has. For Denver.

Losing Makes Flip Saunders Eat Depressing Food | Ball Don't Lie

Wizards coach Flip Saunders makes $4.5 million a year, and he has spent the last month getting take-out from Subway and eating at home because he's ashamed to be seen in public. Gosh, reading that makes ME depressed. It also reminds me of this classic Swingers scene.

James Harden in DC | SB Nation

James Harden, caught up in the wave.

Are Injuries Up? | Basketball Prospectus

One of the fears of a compressed season and truncated training camp was the possibility for a rash of injuries to fell the game's stars. Here are some numbers that dig into this fear.

The Importance of Being Ricky | The Classical

Ricky Rubio is giving Minnesotans something to smile about, and you will smile when you read this great piece that tries to comprehend the Rubio effect. The clips that Polk includes in this piece, as well as my personal favorite here, tell me that Rubio is possibly the most transcendent passer we've seen since Jason Kidd came into the league. Some players like LeBron James or Kevin Durant make you think, "I wish I could play basketball like he does." Players like Rubio make you think something all together different; it is, "I wish I could SEE basketball like he does."