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OKC Afternoon Loud Links

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We're trying something new today and going forward. Due to the rapidity of information that flows through the webs daily, we're going to try to have multiple links posts in order to stay on top of things.

Thunder Sets team TNT Ratings Record | NewsOK

A few people tuned in to watch the Thunder take on the Celtics. Thank you Perk!

Extension Deadline Looms for Westbrook | Sporting News

Russell Westbrook's agent is presumably in negotiations with Thunder management. While we're certainly not interested parties in this ordeal, we're certainly...interested. What's the plan?

Harden Makes Himself Into a Vital Piece | Sports Illustrated

James Harden is thriving this year because of one central idea - he is willing to accept that his role on the Thunder team is so much greater, and his bar is set higher, than being one of the starting five guys on the court. GM Survey Results |

An annual survey of all GM's reveals a variety of truths about how players are viewed. Not surprisingly, a number of Thunder players are mentioned, as well as the team's expected destination.

Rookie Rankings II | Grantland

Pruiti has Ricky Rubio at the top of the rookies list, and breaks down a number of ways in which Rubio has opened up the Timberwolves offense.

Are Celtics Fans Disappointed With Garnett, Pierce? | Wages of Wins

We all watched it last night - Paul Pierce is slowing down, but still has a scorer's mentality. Kevin Garnett however, is a shell of his former self offensively. There were times when he was five feet away from the basket and didn't even look at the rim.

Andrea Bargnani's All-Star Anthem | The Basketball Jones

Andrea Bargnani is morphing into quite the entertaining player, and TBJ guys pay homage. Also, Skeets in a toga.