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OKC Loud Links: Getting into a NY State of Mind

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The Knicks come to town tomorrow night and so far they seem to be a team that is incomplete in their make-up. Last season they had too many ball occupiers and not enough low post presence. Now, they have essentially swapped Chauncey Billups for Tyson Chandler and are missing their exterior presence. All this to say, I can't wait to see what Russell Westbrook and James Harden will do tomorrow night.

Thunder Winning, But Are They Better? | NewsOK

I had my concerns during the two losses, but in this recent spate of games I think we have seen definite improvements in the team's offensive flow, especially at the end of games. I find that I'm no longer in a panic once the 5 minute mark hits (but I still watch for it).

Where is Westbrook's Extension? | Daily Thunder

Young tackles the unpleasant topic of why Russell Westbrook has not yet been signed to a contract extension, given that January 25th is the deadline. If no contract is reached by then, Westbrook will become a restricted free agent, allowing another team to make an offer. I like Young's reasoning here; if it is on point, then it could be a very tactical move by Presti & Co. to cap Westbrook's salary, protect the team's cap structure, and still keep their all-star.

Carmelo Sprains Ankle | CBS Sports

Carmelo Anthony sprained his right ankle in his game against the Grizzlies. No word yet on whether it will impact his participation in tomorrow night's game against the Thunder.

The Greatest Sports GIFs of 2011 | SB Nation

Click through this post, bookmark it, save the files. My favorite is probably NetsFan.

Everything You Need to Know About the NBA Season | Wages of Wins

Well, not everything. There is nothing in here about how Kevin Durant's flag football games helped improve his passing performances.

Dirk Nowitzki Tall, Friendly | Ball Don't Lie

If not for the fact that Dirk Nowitzki is seven feet tall, he could definitely pass for the 10th grade science teacher that all the kids like.

Royalactin | Two Man Game

My goodness, Ian Levy is everywhere these days. Today he is writing about Delonte West and how his game has added new dimensions to the Mavericks' offense. It also allows me to link to this.

Chris Bosh Says Wade is a Better Human Being Than LeBron | Ball Don't Lie

I am kidding, of course. Chris Bosh merely said that Dwyane Wade is a better closer than LeBron James. He's right too, but it is still a bold statement to make that to an interviewer.

Dwight Howard Sets Record for Free Throw Attempts | Sports Illustrated

Yesterday we linked to a story from Grantland stating that watching the Raptors-Wizards was a fate worse than death. We submit to you this entry that could supplant such a claim.

More links after the jump.

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About... | Behind the Basket

Blott runs down a list of season subplots that are not getting requisite attention, yet they are shaping the season's flavor.

Mike Brown: Kobe More Serious Than LeBron | Ball Don't Lie

Well, yeah. Obviously.

The Culmination of Kobe | Hardwood Hype

This is a great perspective on how we're going to remember Kobe Bryant as his career reaches its close. Superhero or antihero? I wish Kobe had made up his mind sooner.

Kwame Brown Out 3 Months With Muscle Tear | CBS Sports

No word yet on whether coach Mark Jackson would prefer a one-armed, chest-less Kwame Brown over most other two-armed, pectorally complete big men.