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2012 NBA All-Star Game: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Perkins on Ballot

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Allstarlogo2012_mediumThe 2012 NBA All-Star Game first returns are in, and the Thunder are well-represented. Kevin Durant leads all Western Conference forwards in votes so far, with over 633,000 votes. Russell Westbrook is currently fifth in voting for guards with over 107,000 votes, and Kendrick Perkins is sixth for centers, with over 41,000 votes.

Howard Leads All Players in First All-Star Ballot Returns |

This year's All-Star game is scheduled to be played in Orlando on February 26th. Magic center Dwight Howard currently leads all vote-receivers with almost 755,000 votes. He is followed by Derrick Rose and LeBron James in Eastern Conference voting.

In the west, the league's 7th best player, Kobe Bryant, is the top vote receiver with over 690,000 votes, followed by Durant. Westbrook faces stiff competition at the guard spot, as Kobe, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, and Ricky Rubio are all currently receiving more votes. Perkins too is going to have a difficult climb up the mountain, as he is sixth out of six potential centers. Two guards, two forwards, and one center will be selected by the voters, and the remaining roster spots will be selected by each conference's respective coach.

Interestingly, Thunder coach Scott Brooks is in the running to be named Western Conference coach, since this designation is reserved for the coach of the team with the best record as of January 31. If Brooks wins the coaching spot, I think it is a lock that Westbrook will make the team, for obvious reasons.