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OKC Loud Links: Well Deserved Rest for the Thunder

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Five games in six nights. Five wins in six nights. Pretty darned good. A year ago the Thunder would have beaten the Grizzlies for an emotional win but then inexplicably lost to the shorthanded Hornets. Thankfully, a year ago is a year ago.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Rohde writes that the post-game atmosphere was surprisingly jovial after vanquishing the Hornets, thus wrapping up a big win streak. Also, maybe we should be calling Nick Collison, "Ice."

Thunder Top the Hornets | Daily Thunder

Young notes that the Thunder really ratcheted up the defense in the second half, but Serge Ibaka is still struggling to find his groove.

Cupcakes & Balloons for Maynor | Business Insider

The OKC fan base never ceases to amaze me. They amazed Eric Maynor as well.

It's Not 2008 Anymore | Wages of Wins

Time is a cruel reminder of where we're all headed (Graceland), and the WoW guys take a look at how some of the older generation has fared. Surprisingly, Ray Allen is better now than he was four years ago.

No Assists For Knicks | Basketball Prospectus

The Carmelo Anthony point-forward arrangement is going through some growing pains.

Portland's Biggest Test | HoopSpeak

Our friend from Shaky Ankles makes his debut at HS and tackles the rebirth of the Trail Blazers. They lost both Brandon Roy and Greg Oden this season, but still find themselves among the league elites.

Rubio Passes Thibodeau Test | NBA Playbook

Ricky Rubio was a mystery coming into this season, but by all accounts he has surpassed expectations. Here is how he dealt with the NBA's best defensive strategist.

Byron Mullens Making Most of Opportunity | Tahlequa Daily Press

Byron Mullens is enjoying a new found identity now that he's playing for a team where he isn't 4th on the depth chart. It was unfortunate that he never got the chance to perform in OKC, but we should feel good that his Thunder experience prepared him for success elsewhere.

A Great Dunk From Kuwait | Ball Don't Lie

A great dunk is a great dunk.

Have Ball, Will Travel: LeBron James | Hardwood Paroxysm

Really, this delightful series ought to be just named "Have HEAT, Will Travel."

Howard, Aldrich Invest in Penny Stock Company | South Florida Business Journal

Cole Aldrich, Dwight Howard, and Justin Beiber united together to invest in a small tech company. How in the world did that happen?

Mark Jackson Talks About Nate Robinson | Sports Radio Interviews

Nate Robinson is another guy who was just never going to get quality minutes in a Thunder uniform. Thankfully, he seems to have landed in a place where he can showcase his offensive abilities.

More links after the jump.

Mark Jackson Would Take Kwame Brown With One Arm Over Other Two-Armed Guys | Ball Don't Lie

Personally, I'd probably take a two-armed guy over a two-armed Kwame Brown. Maybe there is something I don't know though; maybe Brown's game does a 180 when he's playing like the drummer from Def Leppard.

J.R. Smith's Sister Brawls at Game in China | CBS Sports

J.R. Smith is in China. Apparently, so is his sister.

Chocolate Thunder, Reptile Hunter | 700 Level

Darryl Dawkins, fashion icon. Thankfully, no hipster glasses were used in this bold ensemble.

Fate Worse Than Death: Wizards-Raptors | Grantland

That's kind of harsh, right? No?