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OKC Loud Links: More Grizzlies Tonight

The Thunder got a much-deserved night off last night after sweeping a back-to-back-to-back string of games. Tonight they take on the now Z-Bo-less Grizzlies, who are going to have to reconfigure who they are in a hurry. For some reason I highly doubt that even without Zach Randolph that this team will go soft. Prepare for a physical game tonight.

Grizzlies Still Pose Challenge Without Randolph | NewsOK

"Everybody who plays for Memphis, they're just an immensely tough team...They're going to out-bang you, out-work you and that's how they find ways to win every night." - Kendrick Perkins

Loss of Maynor a Rippling Effect | Sports Illustrated

Lowe breaks down the impact of losing Maynor for the rest of the season, and tries to figure out how the Thunder will make up the difference.

Reggie Jackson Will Not Lack Effort | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that Reggie Jackson is a lion in waiting for his sudden chance to make an impact. There is no question he will definitely fit in with the hard-working Thunder organization.

Westbrook the Future of the West | Bleacher Report

Much will continue to be made about Durant and Westbrook, but I remain steadfast - the team needs them both if they are to win a championship, especially with LeBron James and Dwane Wade spearheading the Eastern Conference effort.

The Best Team is...The Sixers? | Wages of Wins

Don't be surprised; the 76ers snuck up on some people last season, but you could see in their playoff series against the Heat that there is something good going on there. Who would have known that Doug Collins still had the coaching touch?

Chauncey Billups in End Times City | The Classical

The new writing project started by some of the most noted sports writers has a great piece up on Chauncey Billups and his new home in Clipper-land.

Who is the Oldest Team? | Hoopism

The Hoopism brothers are back in the new year, this time mapping out who the youngest and oldest teams are. They report that the older teams are still outperforming the younger teams.

Interview With Paul Westphal | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick scores a great exclusive interview with the recently fired Kings coach Paul Westphal.

Charles Barkley on SNL | Basketbawful

There is something magical about Charles Barkley pretending to be Shaq while having a piece of deli meat stuck to his forehead.

Durant Turns Budinger into Folding Chair | Shaky Ankles

What I find most compelling about Durant's new handle is that it is something he did not have a season ago.

Phil Jackson - Never Say Never |

Would Phil Jackson ever consider becoming a GM?

"GMs have to lie too much. It's one of the hardest things to do is to be a prevaricator, or whatever you want to call it, to equivocate all the time. It's almost like being in political office."

More links after the jump.

Empathy for Delonte West | HoopSpeak

Mavericks guard Delonte West is in a bit of a free fall these days. It is a shame, because I really like West and his stream of consciousness way of life. He reminds me of Ron Artest in a way.

Doc Rivers Sees His Celtics When He Watches Pacers Play | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Ubuntu moves to the Midwest.

4 Misleading Team Records | Behind the Basket

Blott takes a look at team records that do not yet tell the full picture of where the team stands.

Could Jerry Sloan Come Back? | Ball Don't Lie

There's only so much fun a man can have with his tractors, I suppose.