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2012 Playoffs

Thunder Coach Scott Brooks is No Longer Under Contract, But Negotiations Continue

As of this writing, Scott Brooks is now officially a free agent. Apparently, earlier reports that implied he would be signing a contract soon were wrong.

The Thunder and Scott Brooks Will "Soon Finalize a Four Year Deal"

Yep, it's looking like a potential nightmare has been averted. After holding our breath, it looks like Brooks will finalize an extension before he becomes a free agent.

NBA Finals Interview with The Sonics Fan Behind the Thunder Bench and Sonicsgate Director Jason Reid, Part 3

With this section of the interview, I was trying to look at how Thunder and Sonic fans could have a better relationship. I was also trying to get an idea of what closure would be for the Sonicsgate cause, and what Thunder fans can do to help reach that closure. What I wasn't expecting was a great story about Kevin Durant's last day in Seattle.

Thunder vs Heat: 2012 NBA Finals Post-Mortem

It is finally time to sign off on the Thunder's 2012 NBA Playoff run.

NBA Finals Interview with The Sonics Fan Behind the Thunder Bench and Sonicsgate Director Jason Reid, Part 2

With this part of the interview, I focused a little bit more on what they did specifically at games, and their attitude towards Thunder fans and the Thunder in general. Most importantly, I asked him why the Sonicsgate crew haven't been to Oklahoma City yet. Some of his responses might surprise you.

NBA Finals Interview with The Sonics Fan Behind the Thunder Bench and Sonicsgate Director Jason Reid, Part 1

I know some of you might be sick of hearing about the situation with Seattle and all of the trolls running around the internet. But my aim with this interview was to help us better understand each other as fans, give Thunder fans perspective into their actions, and help further their cause so we can put an end to this miserable shared history situation.

Thunder vs Heat 2012 Finals: Final Player Grads

The 2012 NBA Finals are in the book and OKC fans are left with a summer to think about all the 'what-if's' that could have altered the trajectory of the series (there were many). Above all else though, the sentiment that I carry after watching those 5 games is this - the Thunder simply did not play very well.

Thunder vs Heat: 2012 Finals Game 5 Grades

We have reached the end of the line. There would be no more close calls, arguable referee fouls, or missed free throws. The Heat exploded past the Thunder in Game 5 and concluded the series with the most dominant close-out game since the 2008 Finals.

The Thunder Come Home [Video]

The Thunder return home after losing the Heat in the 2012 Finals [Video]

2012 NBA Finals Game 5 Micro-Movie [Video]

I don't blame you if you don't want to watch this one.

Thunder vs Heat: Miami Takes the Title [Game 5 Video Highlights]

The Miami Heat finished off the Thunder in Game 5 by finally putting all of their pieces together and running away in the second half.

Thunder Lose 2012 NBA Finals: Reactions From Royal Ivey, Reggie Jackson, and Eric Maynor

As I entered the Thunder locker room last night, at first, I couldn't tell they had lost. Everybody looked just like they did after the previous two finals losses in Miami. But after talking to some of the players, I felt the despair sink in.

Heat 121, Thunder 106: The End (2012 NBA Finals Game 5 Quick Recap)

It's over. The playoff run, the dominance over the Mavericks, Lakers, and Spurs, all of that ran square into the massive back of Heat #6 and there was no way around it.

Miami Heat: 2011-2012 NBA Champions

Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the title against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Miami left no doubts lingering in the end and finished off the Thunder 4-1. Congratulations to Heat fans and especially to the folks at the Heat site Peninsula is Mightier. They have great reason to celebrate.

Thunder vs Heat: Can OKC Go Home Again? (2012 NBA Finals Game 5 Preview)

Here we are. The Thunder are staring at a 3-1 deficit and heading into the belly of the beast on Miami's home court.

Thunder Up For 2012 Finals Game 5: Best Battle Speeches of All Time

The Thunder are in for a mighty challenge tonight. As they prepare mentally and physically, I thought it would be prudent to get appropriately amped up by watching and reflecting on some of the great battle speeches from both cinema and actual history.

Grantland's Pruiti: How Harden's Hesitation Cost the Thunder

If you watched the ending of Game 4, you saw it. No, not Russell Westbrook's costly foul, but James Harden looking like a James Harden impostor.

Bill Simmons on Russell Westbrook: "That Boy Competed"

Bill Simmons tackled the Russell Westbrook's Game 4 adventure in his latest column. It is well worth a read, not because he breaks any new ground, but because sometimes it takes an outsider to provide a less biased analysis to understand what we're watching.

Thunder vs Heat: 2012 Finals Game 4 Grades

Game 4 of the NBA Finals did not end the way that we had hoped. The Thunder had their chances once again, and just like in Games 2 and 3 the Heat were able to win all the critical battles while the Thunder came up just short. We are left with even more 'what-if's.'

2012 NBA Finals Game 4 Micro-Movie [Video]

Relive the prelude, beginning, climax, and painful ending of Game 4. We will always have Russell Westbrook and his "kill the wedding party" run through the Heat defense. Sadly, we will also always have his tragic mistake in the end.

SB Nation Reviews 2012 NBA Finals Game 4 [SB Nation Video]

SB Nation's Ben Golliver breaks down Game 4 for us, in all its hopeful, panic-inducing, exciting, and heartbreaking detail.

Thunder vs Heat: OKC Wears Down, Trails 3-1 [Game 4 Video Highlights]

The Heat defeated the Thunder last night and claimed a 3-1 lead in the 2012 NBA Finals.

Heat 104, Thunder 98: On the Brink (2012 NBA Finals Game 4 Quick Recap)

For the first time in the entire series the Thunder started out the game playing their own brand of basketball. They were pushing the tempo, forcing the Heat into long-range shots, built and early lead, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought we might be getting a replay of Game 3 against the Spurs.

Thunder vs Heat: Mission - Even the Series (2012 NBA Finals Game 4 Preview)

The Thunder must go into Game 4 tonight looking to attack early and often to put the Heat on its heels.

OKC Thunder Game 4's: A Look to the Past

We are now a few hours away from tonight's 2012 NBA Finals Game 4, a game between the Thunder and Heat that will go a long way in telling us how this series will evolve.

2012 NBA Finals Game 3 Micro-Movie [Video]

The NBA offers up its micro-movie for the 2012 NBA Finals' Game 3. We all felt really good about how the Thunder were able to avoid the early game jitters, and managed to take a brief lead in the 2nd quarter. Hopes were lifted when OKC went on one of its 3rd quarter runs, building a double-digit lead. But then...well, you know.

SB Nation Reviews 2012 NBA Finals Game 3 [SB Nation Video]

Ben Golliver is back to review the NBA Finals Game 3. He rightly hones in on the way the Thunder progressed as a team, yet faltered down the stretch and missed a golden opportunity. Game 4 should be hotly contested, but the onus is all on the Thunder to make the changes to even out the series.

The Sonics Were Stolen, But This Championship Run Belongs to OKC

Yeah, we're talking about THIS again. Four years after the move, Thunder fans are still forced to deal with old ghosts from the Seattle days.

Thunder vs Heat: 2012 Finals Game 3 Grades

The Thunder fell apart in the 3rd quarter and surrendered a second FInals game to the Heat. OKC now faces the task of a huge Game 4, and they must do it knowing that their key players have yet to play a consistent 48 minute game.

Thunder vs Heat: Miami Takes Control of Series 2-1 [Game 3 Video Highlights]

Game 3 between the Heat and Thunder was a see-saw affair. Miami jumped out to the early 1st quarter lead, but unlike in the previous 2 games, the Thunder found enough of an answer to not fall behind by a huge deficit early on.

Heat 91, Thunder 85: OKC Falters in 4th (2012 NBA Finals Game 3 Quick Recap)

I really, really didn't want to have to write a recap for this game. You mad, bro? You probably should be, because I know I am.

Kevin Durant Pre-Game 3 Warm-Ups [Video]

Kevin Durant warms up before Game 3.