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OKC Loud Links: Meeting Today; Regency Furniture Tomorrow?

Need a job? Are you an out of work athlete? Apparently Regency Furniture is hiring. No word on whether they test applicants' vertical or their 40 time. 

More importantly though, as we've heard, the heavies are coming to NY today to see if the start of a deal can begin.

Start of Season in Jeopardy if Deal Cannot Be Met | ESPN

Stern wants us to believe that this weekend might be the last best chance to salvage the season. However, the players' cut still seems low, and I wonder if there will be any more budging on that front.

With Eye on the Clock, Deal Sought | NewsOK

David Stern is attempting to throw down the hammer. Is the threat real?

Just Stop It | HoopSpeak

Beckley Mason digs deep in this post, and brings to the forefront a lot of topics that I normally sidestep, such as the politics of the lockout event and the surrounding nation's economic downturn. I try to limit myself to the stuff I understand - hoops, economics, and grilled cheese sandwiches - and push the rest to the side because of the passion it can irrationally stir. Mason doesn't hesitate though, and even if you don't agree with his assertions, it is a bona fide attempt at tackling the bigger picture.

Kevin Durant: 23 Years Old | Daily Thunder

Young notes that Kevin Durant just turned 23 years old, and so far all he has accomplished are a few scoring titles, a monster playoff run, an All-Star appearance, and is probably the most popular summer baller in the world. 

The Other Sides of the Amnesty Clause | Hardwood Paroxysm 

This is a good look back at the 2005 Amnesty Clause, which was designed to help teams erase bad contracts and not kill their books in the process. A new Amnesty Clause may be looming, and its impact could be significant. 

The All-Jump Shot Team | Sports Illustrated

My personal pick is Ray Allen, and if you follow the link in the story, you can see why. Surprisingly, Kevin Durant doesn't even get a mention here. How do you have Carlos Boozer on your jump shot list and not Durant?

Van Gundy: People Don't Really Care About Lockout | Ball Don't Lie

Jeff Van Gundy actually kind of trashes his greatest coaching success in the NBA - the Knicks' 1999 run to the Finals. Even without Mark Jackson needling him constantly, I still like the guy, dourness and all.

More links after the jump.

Wages of Wins Fantasy 3 on 3 Draft: Round 3 | Wages of Wins

This may be the only draft where Mike Dunleavy gets picked ahead of Paul Pierce

1993: The Worst Great Draft in NBA History | Hardwood Hype

The funny thing about the draft is that it is impossible to understand how future can get played out. A draft that suddenly teamed Shaq and Penny? Shouldn't that have led to...not one...not two...not three...?

Daequan Cook to Stay in OKC, Season or Not | NewsOK

Daequan Cook is the lone Thunder player technically not ON the team, since he did not agree to the restricted free agency offer extended to him before the lockout began. I think he's in an ideal situation playing for the Thunder, but the reality is, there could be more money out there for him if he chases it. Should he?

Kobe's Potential Deal in Italy | Sports Illustrated

10 games for $3 million dollars. Nice work if you can get it. Plus, Kobe already knows how to order food in Italian.

D-West Not Home Depot Material | Basketbawful

Delonte West's actual application was only slightly less absurd than the one these guys made up for him.