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OKC Loud Links: Big Meeting Today

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What kind of food do you think they serve at CBA meetings? Do you think they go with something light and elegant, like sushi? Or does somebody try to make a power play and cater BBQ ribs?

Owners Budge on Hard Cap Demand | Yahoo! Sports

Woj gets the jump on this big story.

NBA Labor Negotiations Enter Crunch Time | Sports Illustrated

Lowe writes that the owners have started to push back from their hard cap demand, but as a tradeoff the luxury tax would become punitive to the tune of four times the amount that goes over the soft cap.

Welcome to Amnesty 2.0 | Grantland

Bill Simmons considers what might happen if the owners are able to include an amnesty clause in the next CBA. Also, Simmons envies Sam Presti.

Goodman-Drew II Tickets Go On Sale Today | ESPN

Tickets will start at $25 for assigned seating and go up to $100 for courtside.

Shame of the Week: First Round of Game Cancellations | Behind the Basket

It wasn't surprising, given the lack of movement, but Blott still laments the fact that the first domino did fall.

Players to Meet Friday | ESPN

Billy Hunter is calling in the big guns for a meeting. Are we nearing the end?

So How Much are the Lawyers Getting ? | AmLaw Daily

You might be surprised to learn that the biggest winners in this whole CBA mess are the attorneys that represent each side.

More links after the jump.

Spoelstra in the Philippines | Grantland

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra took a trip to the Philippines to engage in the culture and teach some basketball. 

Wages of Wins Fantasy 3 on 3 Draft: Round 2 | Wages of Wins

Once again, Dirk Nowitzki seems to fall low in the rankings.

Gladwell Goes HAM | Hoopspeak

Funny, if only because Malcolm Gladwell weighs about 120 lbs soaking wet.

Najera to Host Exhibition in Mexico | Yahoo! Sports

Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, and Kevin Love will be headlining Eduardo Najera's exhibition games in Mexico next month.

The Day the Music Died | SB Nation

Looks like even the players are starting to get a little burnt out from all of the barnstorming during their downtime.