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Shaky Ankles Looks Back: James Harden Breaks Tony Allen's Ankles

Hat tip to the great site Shaky Ankles, who takes a look back on one of the great plays that helped decide the epic triple OT Game Four. 

Shook Ankles: Fear the Beard | Shaky Ankles

We don't typically think of Harden in the same way we do as a Russell Westbrook, a guard who can explode past anybody. Harden relies more on his superior footwork and timing, and once he had Tony Allen rocking the wrong way, Harden sent the defensive specialist to the floor with his cross-over move.

What I also especially liked about the play was the spacing that was given for Harden to work. Kevin Durant started off on the baseline with Serge Ibaka coming up high to set the screen. Once Durant's defender turned his head toward Harden, Durant took off for the rim. Harden kept his head up and his eyes alert, and hit Durant with the perfect pass for the slam.

NBA, come back to us soon.