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2011 NBA Southwest Division Previews

The face of confidence.
The face of confidence.

Southwest Division Previews

As always, Welcome to Loud City will be participating in the NBA Blogger previews, presented by Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog. There might not be a season, by gosh, there will be previews!

The Southwest division was probably last year's most intriguing. The Spurs, who had the best regular season record in the West, were ousted in the first round by the cold Grizzlies. Can the Spurs recover and make one last run with their young and old player combination? For that matter, can the Grizzlies continue their newfound success?

How does Chris Paul sit with the Hornets? Will they ever find their way out of mediocrity? Can the Rockets find an Identity with their dreams of Yao smashed? And, most importantly, can the Mavericks defend their crown?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but it makes for interesting discussion, and it's definitely worth heading over to the other sites to check out their previews.

Who do you think is winning the Southwest Division this year? Vote in the poll, post a comment!