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Mayberry: Catching Up With Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant is busy at work on his new feature film, "Switch," and by all accounts he seems to be having a fun time with his part-time gig. Hopefully Durant will be unchanged by the lofty experience and won't suddenly start demanding all of his brown M&M's be removed from his pre-game snacks.

Catching Up With Kevin Durant | NewsOK

There are a number of tasty morsels percolating in Mayberry's Q&A, and here are a few of them:

  • For now, Durant wants to stay in the U.S., but with the preseason now canceled, his agent Aaron Goodwin says that Durant is inching closer to an overseas contract.
  • Durant is trying to organize a game in OKC. He has been up and down the east coast, so it would make sense for Durant to take his name and game back to his home crowd and get something put together. 
  • Durant said that of all the things that he's improving upon this summer, his post game is the one that has developed the most. I might pass out from joy after reading something like that.
  • Durant has been working out with Blake Griffin in order for the two to help each other out with their respective post and perimeter games. This too makes me very happy. As we know, Griffin is built like a defensive end, and so any work that Durant might be doing with such a physical force should only inspire the spindly Kevin to increase his strength and power as well.
  • A second voluntary mini-camp is being planned by Nazr Mohammed on October 3rd, and will take place in Lexington, KY. File this one away as yet another reason to love how the Thunder franchise operates - their organization is so stable and positive that a guy who joins them for barely a half a season and is on the tail end of his career is willing not only to relocate his family to OKC, but publicly stated how badly he wants to stay there and is now organizing off-season camps for the rest of the team.
  • Durant may be making an appearance on the cover of ESPN the Mag in October.