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OKC Loud Links: More Games, More Movies, Hopefully Less Controversy

The weekend featured a pair of high quality games, and Kevin Durant's movie project is up and running. Also, apparently Kendrick Perkins gets into fights with everyone. If he is this generation's version of Charles Oakley, I'm totally cool with that.

On the Set of "Switch" With Kevin Durant | NewsOK

Mayberry spent a day on the set of "Switch," which features Kevin Durant's acting debut. The sausage factory maxim comes to life.

Quite the Busy Off-Season for Durant | Sports Illustrated

Amick gets a lengthy interview with Durant, where they cover everything from his acting chops (channeling his inner Will Smith and Denzel) to the lockout, to the reports about a dust-up between Kendrick Perkins and Russell Westbrook.

Durant Says Westbrook is the Only Point Guard for Him | Daily Thunder

An endorsement, be it publicly or privately, is important no matter what you do in life. Hopefully the two realize that while they can be great individually and apart, they can become legendary together.

Go Ahead, NBA - Make Yourself Irrelevant | SB Nation

Ziller writes that the league balances on a precipice right now, potentially in a place where they will damage much of the game's momentum. One thing he hints toward but doesn't expound on much is the fact that the NBA may be potentially damaging its future TV deal in a way that few have measured. Long term deals take everything into account when it comes time to put a price tag on things, and if national TV feels that there is even the risk of missed games on the horizon, they will price that into the equation and the NBA will get less money.

NBA Cares: Troy Davis | Wages of Wins

The execution of Troy Davis this past week inspired/provoked a number of athletes to chime in on a serious social and legal topic in a way that is new and important. Sidestepping the politics of the event, it is important to note that the numerous players, which included Kevin Durant and James Harden, thought it significant enough to offer their thoughts on a controversial discussion topic despite the potential for negative backlash.

Sights and Sounds From Philly Showcase | Sports Illustrated

Over the weekend, the "Battle for I-95" took place. Organized by Phoenix Sun and Philly native Hakeem Warrick, a number of stars including LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul put on a show. Sports Illustrated had a hand in it as well, which probably made this game one of the best production values we've seen. Be sure to check out the embedded box score at the end.

"Only in Lawrence" | NewsOK

Last month, a summer league exhibition in Baltimore involving elite NBA players drew an overflow crowd of 4,500-plus inside Talmadge Hill Field House at Morgan State University, roughly 250 over the arena's listed capacity.

On Saturday afternoon, the "Legends of the Phog" exhibition game involving past players from the University of Kansas drew a sellout crowd of 16,300 inside Allen Fieldhouse.

More links after the jump.

Ball for it All Highlights | Indy Cornrows

The Goodman League traveled to Indiana to take on Knox Indy Pro Am, with Goodman winning 170-167. Check out the incredible highlights here.

35 Things I'd Miss About the Thunder | Daily Thunder

Young runs down a laundry list of things that would pain him the most to miss if the season gets canceled.

Where's....the 1999 Draft Class | Hardwood Paroxyism

I'm not saying that a lockout shortened season could have a similar effect on this year's draftees, but...yikes.

It's All About the W's: Allen Iverson | Behind the Baskset

Blott visits Allen Iverson, The Answer, leaving numerous questions in his wake. At the end of the day, the tiny guard did take a team coached by Larry Brown to the NBA Finals. That's something, isn't it?

Jordan Makes More Money Now Than He Did As a Player | Ball Don't Lie

Yes, it is true - Michael Jordan hauls in more now in endorsements than he did while playing. Certainly this is a function of the fact that more dollars are at stake now, but I think it also points out to the fact that Jordan existed in a time before the advent of the Internet and social media, so it was possible for his public persona to be unifying and galvanizing. If he were playing today, I don't think that same synergy would be possible.

The Lowdown: Don Nelson | Hardwood Paroxyism

For those of you who only know former head coach Don Nelson for his high octane offenses and almost pathological need to embrace the role of underdog, it is important to note that he was also an important NBA player in his own right.