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Kevin Durant a "Shoo-in" for Team USA at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Russell Westbrook's Status Uncertain

Via Chris Sheridan:

You can also set aside a spot for Blake Griffin, who has been described to by people in the know as a shoo-in for the London 2012 roster.

And another will go to Kevin Durant, the MVP of the 2010 World Championship team. The spot is his for the taking if he wants it.

That right there gives you 10 guys, leaving only two spots up for grabs from the current 35-man roster listed on USA Basketball’s Website from which Griffin is conspicuously absent.

Is this big news? Well, not for Kevin Durant. Any reasonably sane person wouldn't exclude Kevin Durant from any basketball roster in the world right now, let alone Team USA. But it is bigger news for the Thunder's other Team USA representative, Russell Westbrook. As of right now, Team USA already has Chris Paul and Deron Williams to play the Point Guard spots, and Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant to play the Shooting Guard spots. So how much room there is for Russell Westbrook is anyone's guess, especially with Team USA's shortage of big men. He may yet find a spot for himself though.

I suppose the other question is whether this opens up a door for Kendrick Perkins, who is listed on Team USA's website as being on the 30-man roster. Considering Team USA could draw from Carlos Boozer, either of the Lopez twins, Al Jefferson, David Lee, Kevin Love, Lamar Odom, or Tyson Chandler, I wouldn't exactly put his chances as "good". But, who knows, if he has healed from injury over the Summer and Team USA decides defense is the priority, a miracle could happen.