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OKC Loud Links: We Will All Celebrate Labor Day Weekend By Avoiding All Work

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At least, that is the plan. Hopefully we can uncover some interesting vittles over the weekend. Perhaps even a random exhibition game might break out and Kevin Durant will show up. (With KD, his omnipresence is starting to feel a bit like that epic mealtime guy, who screams, "if a cheeseburger gets sold in the park, I want in!")

What Did Kevin Durant Do? | ESPN

Abbott writes that it is possible that something much more momentous than mere off-season exhibitions has been taking place. He argues that in a sense, Kevin Durant has elevated himself at least to the same level as the global icon, LeBron James

How Kevin Durant & Co. Started a Hoops Revival | Business Insider

If you think about it, it does make perfect sense - the main gripe that fans have had about the NBA has been the growing disconnect between players and fans, despite the fact that it is the sport where the two parties are physically the closest. The summer sensation has been a direct attack on that notion and it is reversing the trend one gym-rising dunk or 35-footer at a time. Can you see how happy those people in those tiny gyms are? When was the last time people in DC were that excited to see the Wizards play?

Top 99 Players of 2015: 90-81 | SB Nation

Further validation that it feels like Tyson Chandler has been in the league forever.

Kevin Durant's Summer of Love | HoopSpeak

Mason writes that Durant is making him a true believer. The fun thing about it all is, it doesn't even matter if Durant is "the best." All he needs to do is be in the discussion, and once he is, it ratchets up the competitive level every time he and LeBron suit up.

Why Did Steve Nash Defy the Odds? | Wages of Wins

Steve Nash is a statistical outlier and has been for most of his career. Perhaps the best comparison we have, at least offensively, is to examine Nash in light of John Stockton, who also played well past the normal athlete's peak. Although, Stockton never had Nash's dreamy locks. 

Is Andrew Bogut On the Move? | Yahoo! Sports

Andrew Bogut has been in discussion with several pro Australian teams and may return to his home country to fill in his NBA gaps.

HoopSpeak Live: Zach Lowe Interview | HoopSpeak

Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe drops in on the HoopSpeak gang to pontificate on a myriad of things. He also appears to be in the witness protection program.

UCLA Pick-Up Games: Where the Pros Gather | SB Nation

UCLA has a great tradition that keeps pro players coming back summer after summer. Perhaps Ron Artest takes everyone out for In-And-Out Burgers afterwards.

More links after the jump.

WNBA Failure and the NBA | HoopSpeak

This element  to the NBA lockout has not gained hardly any traction, but it is case in point - if the NBA were truly interested in operating as a business, then the WNBA would have been divested years ago.

Dribbler's Delight | Hardwood Paroxysm

Earlier this week we had a link to a fictitious account of one of the great dribblers of all time. This one is grounded in reality, and looks at the guys with the best handle in the league. You might be surprised to see Jamal Crawford on this list, but only for about 2 minutes.

Friday Afternoon Mailbag | Basketbawful

There are a number of interesting questions here, but one that caught my eye was the writer's recollection of some of his most painful memories. I'm not sure how I'd rank mine, but the Magic Johnson hook shot was definitely in the top three.

Did Kevin Garnett Almost Go to the Lakers? | Ball Don't Lie

I shudder at the mere thought of this revision of history.

LeBron James Is Using Twitter To Win Us Back | Business Insider

We can only guess how calculated the move is, but LeBron James' efforts to communicate his life via twitter is accomplishing something that his extra-curricular activities can never do - it connects him to a fanbase.