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Goodman vs Drew League II Scheduled for October 9 in Los Angeles

After the rousing success of the first match-up between the nation's two primary coastal summer leagues, it seemed like a rematch was an inevitability. However, due to various reported scheduling conflicts, the game appeared destined for the land of Imagination. It is much to our surprise then that both Goodman and Drew Leagues have tweeted that the game is back on and scheduled for October 9.

Goodman v Drew II Scheduled for October | SB Nation

This game will be an interesting test case for NBA fans because it appears that summer league interest might be waning, and now the NBA has to compete with both the NFL and MLB playoffs to keep people interested. Kevin Durant and James Harden will likely be involved, which should be enough to keep OKC fans interested.

Earlier this summer, it had been rumored that Kobe Bryant might be interested in participating in the sequel. Is Kobe still in the cards? I would think that his presence in a game in Los Angeles would increase the profile of the leagues considerably. Do you think Jack would show up as well?