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OKC Loud Links: Thunder Stay Together; Will the Rest of the League?

As we reported here earlier this week, the Thunder players, likely led by Kevin Durant, are planning their own mini-camp during this lockout off-season. I wonder what the Miami Heat guys are doing these days.

Young thinks that of all the players, Nick Collison probably would make the best interim "coach," with Royal Ivey as his assistant. I think he is spot-on with that assessment. 

This is a piece actually written before the lockout began, but it is still an interesting look at the NBA's CFO, Carol Sawdye, and her stance on where things were heading. I found this quote to be revealing:
"We have been living beyond our means."
That's the kind of thing a CFO is supposed to say, and yet it is one of the the few honest admissions I've seen by the NBA as to what ails their expense problems.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith met with the NBA's rank and file, urging them to stay united in their fight. One intersesting thing of note - in the NFL's labor battle, the league's stars had a much more integral role than in the NBPA's fight.

Normally I would not link to a list of the best Nets of all time because, well...the Nets. But this pick has sentimental value to me because I grew up in central NY during Pearl Washington's heyday and I know of what the writer speaks. For the briefest of times, it was a treasure to watch the man play.

Mason writes about the fundamentals of great ball-handling, highlighted by Chris Paul and Paul's ability to move at will throughout the entire court. For some reason this post also reminds me of this play, which was kind of the opposite of a sick handle, which in a way is why it was so breathtaking.

More links after the jump.

Here is another look at the enigma that is Yao Ming's career and what measuring stick we can use to evaluate his impact.

John Wall has been lighting up the Lockout League in Las Vegas, and nobody is around to see it. While such news is good tidings for Wizards fans, it also underscores how powerful the NBA's marketing machine is in promoting the game that enriches so many.

Silent solidarity, I suppose. 

The gang brings out Henry Abbott of TrueHoop into their video cast. "And then things got weird..."

This is an interesting list in that for each franchise at the top of the list, there are usually one or two reasons why they're at the top of the list. Good? Luck? Yep. 

I'll add one: most likely to chew off his nails during an overtime. The player?

Every man, at some point in his life, has to evaluate what he is leaving in his wake. Lakers owner Jerry Buss might be having his moment now. 

Muggsy Bogues, the diminutive former NBA player, recounts how Mark Cuban did him a solid once. Say what you want about Cuban the competitor, but his constituents are his players and staff, and he fights for them. That's all an employee ever really wants.

Owners Dan Gilbert and Robert Sarver may have undone all of the progress that was made in Tuesday's meetings. Also, Gilbert seems to still be in his "scorned lover" mode. 

The referees were apparently locked out too. I'm shocked that their deliberations did not garner more coverage and invective.