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OKC Loud Links: More Exhibitions, More Talk

We have at least two more exhibition games on the horizon, with the first in D.C. this weekend, and then a second one in a few weeks in Philadelphia. Hopefully that should keep us occupied while the lockout people make nice with their talk.

Have Owners' Bargaining Positions Changed During Lockout? | Wages of Wins

This is a very interesting comparison of the reporting that described the owners' positions at the 2011 All-Star break, versus where they seem to stand now. 

Top Players of 2015: 52-46 | SB Nation

I think the crew offers a spot-on comment about Ricky Rubio - he was about 10 years too late in getting to the NBA, and now his peers are "superfreak" point guards like Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose. Rubio would have to be a truly transcendent full court visionary on the magnitude of at least a Jason Kidd to ever live up to his hype.

An NBA Dream Deferred...Until Now | LA Times

For Alex Meruelo, it all began as a manager in a tuxedo shop where his own dad charged him a premium on rent. Now he's about to become the owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

On the NBA's Perpetually Underpaid | ProBasketballTalk

Mahoney writes about the players who often get the short end of the stick.

The Basketball Jones 40: 40-31 | The Basketball Jones

TBJ guys rank their personal 40 favorite players. At the end of the day, isn't that what any ranking is, anyway?

They're Talking, But That's All They're Doing | LA Times

It does seem like the negotiations have been much less contentious than in 1998. Perhaps that is because everything is under the technology-driven microscope in a way that the last lockout was not. There are public relations to consider.

More links after the jump.

Jordan Fined $100 Grand for Talking About Basketball Whilst Down Under | Sports Illustrated

Specifically, Jordan made a few comments to an Australian newspaper about Andrew Bogut. He is now out his Tuesday night dinner party money.

A Simple Thank-You Would Suffice | Hardwood Paroxysm

Shaquille O'Neal will go down in NBA history as one of the more affable and personable blokes to have played the game, and gets a pass on a lot of his antics because of it (just like Charles Barkley). However, one of the more grating ones in my opinion is his constant need for self-preservation at the expense of others, which is kind of stunning when you consider Shaq has won four rings and banked about $250 million in his career.

Carmelo Anthony a Big Hit At Fashion Week | Ball Don't Lie

Carmelo Anthony is really digging NYC's fashion week, appearing at as many runway shows as he can. Consider the photo on that post. No comments necessary.

Exhibition Exhaustion | HoopSpeak

Mason writes that Philly's game should be great, but he's starting to feel a bit of the burnout. As much as I enjoy these games too, I understand; when your livelihood is to cover the NBA, trying to drum up the same level of enthusiasm for pro-am games is tough, especially since a big part of why we enjoy sports (the numbers meshing with the style) don't matter with exhibitions.

Jeff Green Not Fretting Free Agency During Lockout | Washington Post

Jeff Green is keeping involved with the summer circuit during the lockout, and looks like he will continue to be making some appearances along side his buddy Kevin Durant.