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OKC Loud Links: Back in the Saddle

So the kids are back in school, the NFL is finally here, and people are trying to impersonate Roger Mason to bring good cheer. Speaking of good cheer, I offer my apologies for the dearth of posts last week; my family size increased by one last Tuesday, so I had to tend to new papa duties and missed out on much of the goings-on. Now that our healthy baby is back at home and sleep is my personal scarce resource, I'm sure I'll have much more time to blog, since there isn't much else to do at 3:30 AM while I wait for baby to fall back to sleep. 


Did Fisher Tell Players to Get in Shape for a Season? | Sports Illustrated

It always cracks me up when people try to make "covert" communications by using technology that can be rebroadcast all around the world in a matter of minutes. Even so, maybe this is good news.

Westbrook the Creator Pushes Durant into Big Man's Game | SB Nation

Ziller takes a look at Russell Westbrook and a way that he shines that is often missed. If Westbrook isn't the most difficult player to guard one-on-one, he is definitely in the conversation, and as a result, he creates more scoring opportunities than anyone else. The discussion needs to move away from whether Westbrook can create, to the efficiency at which his creation produces scores.

Kevin Durant Doomsdaying | HoopSpeak

Strauss takes a look at where exactly he thinks Kevin Durant is on the arc of greatness. Is it better to be a jack of all trades, or a specialist?

Lockout News Same As Ever Was | Ball Don't Lie

Here is some more insight as to how the players have been instructed to handle themselves during the lockout.

TV Rights: Predict Big | HoopSpeak

It's getting silly out there.

HoopSpeak Live: Durant, WNBA, and TV Deals | HoopSpeak

Piggy-backing on the link above, here is a fun round-table discussion on Durant's ceiling, amongst other things.

More links after the jump.

The 100 Best Teams from '78-'11 in Cloud Form | Wages of Wins

I think I'm falling way behind on this whole graphic-making concept.

Players I Hate, Part 2: Larry Johnson | Basketbawful

Grandmama had one of the worst neck-beards known to man. Plus, that stupid 4-point play.

Meet the Woman Who Dresses the NBA | Ball Don't Lie

Rachel Johnson is a stylist who has helped players such as Amare Stoudemire transform his wardrobe to look his best. I am wondering if she also had a hand in his "ESPN Body Issue" spread.

Re-Drafting the NBA: Round 12 | Basketball Prospectus

I like how Bradford B has built a team around Kevin Durant.

Difference Between Good Help and Bad Help | NBA Playbook

Pruiti brings some analysis from EuroBasket, looking specifically at how help defense is played in the post. I think it is an interesting analysis, especially in light of the fact that Serge Ibaka is quickly becoming an outstanding weak-side help defensive player.

It's All About the W's: Kevin Garnett | Behind the Basket

Gevin Garnett gets the treatment here, and I think that it underscores one of the more interesting things that we have seen as Garnett's career has drawn to a close - he was at his best when he could just be an insane defender and rebounder. That was enough to keep him happy.

Battier: Wade, LeBron Make it Tough to Take Charges | Ball Don't Lie

Shane Battier stated that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were the toughest guys to take charges. I particularly like how he called Wade's move the "Euro-step." That's just perfect.

Inception: LeBron James Edition | Basketbawful

Well played, although I think this is the sort of thing Kobe Bryant might pull, not LeBron.