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OKC Loud Links: Meeting Adjourned, We Still Know Nothing

The NBA and NBPA met yesterday, and from the look of things, nobody is talking about anything. Further more, everybody is admitting that they will be doing less talking in the near future. 

NBA, Players Tight-Lipped After Meeting | Sporting News

David Stern and Adam Silver emerged with NBPA president Derek Fisher after a six hour meeting yesterday, and neither side was willing to divulge much of anything. I like Fisher as a person; I think he's a fine and genuine gentleman, but if he didn't have some co-counsel with him in dealing with Stern, I have a hard time believing this meeting was anything but a checking off of the box for publicity reasons.

In the Lockout, Is It Up to the Players to Concede? | SB Nation

Ziller is a little more optimistic than I am, but he contends that because the two sides were willing to actually communicate for six ours, absent of the public vitriol, that maybe they are finally grasping reality better.

DT Hardwood Classics: Climbing Up From 3-29 | Daily Thunder

Young travels back in time once more to see how he analyzed the Thunder in the midst of their season before things started to turn around.

No NBA Season? Businesses May Be Benched | Portland Tribune

This is a great in-depth look at how NBA fans will choose to spend their entertainment dollars elsewhere if the season is canceled. Given our current economic state in this country, I don't think it is far-fetched.

Top 99 Players of 2015: 99-91 | SB Nation

Steve Nash, still relevant at age 40.

More links after the jump.

Dwight Howard Sees Giraffe, Dunks On It | Ball Don't Lie

Dwight Howard continues to add to his legend as a modern day superhero for 10 year-olds everywhere. I mean that as a compliment. 

It's All About the W's: Kobe Bryant | Behind the Basket

Mr. Blott is tough but fair to a man who has five rings.

Delonte West's Home Depot Job Application | Basketbawful

Even if this isn't real, I'm going to pretend like it is, because as fake as it might seem on the surface, Delonte is so far out there that I can't completely dismiss it, and that makes me even more a fan of Mr. West.

A Fictional Interview With the World's First Great Dribbler | Hardwood Paroxysm 

Even fictitious characters named "Handsome Harry Handles" like to speak of themselves in the 3rd person.

Redrafting the NBA: Round 8 | Basketball Prospectus

Marcus Camby, still getting it done in the eyes of many despite being older than how old Greg Oden looks.

Great Britain Uses Luol Deng as a Decoy | NBA Playbook

I know what you're all thinking...Luol Deng is British?

Hakeem Warrick Working to Schedule Philly-Baltimore Game | ESPN

Hakeem Warrick has been involved in some of the smaller scale summer games, but after watching his buddy and former SU teammate Carmelo Anthony put on a grand show this week, he is working to see if he can get a Philadelphia-Baltimore game in the pipeline. 

Yao Ming Withdraws Name From Early Hall of Fame Ballot | Ball Don't Lie

Yao Ming, now retired, would have been eligible for the 2012 Hall of Fame Voting, but has elected to withdraw his name for the time being. Time will tell how history will remember Yao, who as a contributor to the NBA deserves his name in any top 10 list. 

ESPN Screams: "LeBron vs Durant!" Dirk Beat 'Em Both | Dallas Observer

One Dallas fan, not quite getting the point.