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OKC Loud Links: Late Day Edition

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News is slim today, but we have a smattering of items of interest for you. We'll continue to scour the web to bring you day old coffee news if we have to. 

How the NBA's New Money Changes Everything and Nothing | SB Nation

Ziller writes about the impact that the new ownership in the NBA has had in how teams view the bottom line. I am sensing a culture shift in economic policy, but I still have to question whether that makes for an interesting professional league.

Once More, With Feeling: Westbrook for Paul? | Daily Thunder

Young sounds the gong once more about what it would mean if Chris Paul were offered for Russell Westbrook straight up. I think that the one variable that is still unknown is this - does Westbrook have the desire to become an intelligent basketball player? In other words, if he suddenly found out that he could not dunk anymore, would Westbrook be able to adjust his game to remain an All-Star?

Players Leverage? Try a Breakaway League | CBS Sports

With a possible announcement coming this week about more NBA players jumping overseas to play, Berger argues that the best way to make the NBA shift its position is not by moving to another continent, but by starting a new league domestically. Selfishly, I agree. I don't care to watch NBA players play in tiny gyms at 3AM.

Lockout Not Dimming Future of Team USA |

Aldridge writes that Jerry Colangelo is still confident that we can field an Olympic team, even if he isn't allowed to actually talk to any of the pro players. I could say that having players and a coach on a sideline who don't actually  speak to each other would make quite the spectacle, but isn't that the way things are already?

Top 100 NBA Players: 31-40 | Sports Illustrated

Lowe continues his countdown, with a surprising entry at #31, which is where he puts David West. I like West and I think he's a valuable commodity, but coming off of an injured season and getting along in years makes me think a guy like Tyson Chandler might be more valuable right now.

More links after the jump.

The Winningest Tandems | Wages of Wins

This is a great look at the all-time great two-man partnerships. Not surprisingly, this is like a walk down memory lane of some of basketball's all-time greats.

NBA Players Take Their Game to the Streets | Raleigh N&O

This is a good look at how social media has come into play to increase the publicity and connectivity of players to exhibition leagues like the Drew and Goodman.

50 Dirtiest Players of All Time | Bleacher Report

This ranking covers the entire sports spectrum, but there are a few NBA guys mixed in there. I personally thought Bill Laimbeer should have been top 5. Goodness I hated that guy.

J.R. Smith: Shot Blocker Extraordinaire | The Basketball Jones

J.R. Smith participated in an exhibition game and showed a renewed focus on defense that should have George Karl smiling.

Rogue of the Week: Chinese Basketball Association | Behind the Basket

Blott asks the question of whether an emerging basketball country, long shut off from the rest of the world, has the capital pull to siphon off NBA talent?

They All Grow Up at Some Point | Hardwood Paroxysm

Why is it that some players "get it" at a young age while others don't figure "it" out until later? Why do some never figure "it" out at all? Perhaps that is one reason why teams often overpay talented but suspect players - they cling to the hope that the player will finally grow up.

Technique of the Week: Creasing the Ball Screen | HoopSpeak

Mason writes about a subtle technique used by veteran point guards, known as "creasing the screen." It is a clever way to work a two-man game, even if the defense is bigger and faster.

Paul for Westbrook? | Basketball Prospectus

Pelton once again raises the question of a trade between Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul. If that trade were actually on the table, which side walks away first?

Hakeem Olajuwon: Consultant to the Stars | Ball Don't Lie

Olajuwon, the former Rockets star and one of the best big men in NBA history, has apparently developed quite the clientele, as now LeBron James wants some coaching love from Hakeem. There is no doubt that if James wants to truly round out his offensive game, getting Olajuwon to teach him proper post footwork is a great place to start.