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Kevin Durant: Good at Dunking, the MELO League Edition

Kevin Durant stopped in at the MELO Center League (Carmelo Anthony's youth development center in Baltimore) and had the opportunity to show off a bit of flourish at the rim. I am reminded of a comment that a skeptical Scott Brooks once made regarding Durant after 2011 Slam Dunk Contestant Serge Ibaka selected Durant as his "coach:"

"That's Serge's problem right there...KD has one dunk, the one-handed tomahawk. That's all he brings to the table. That's not going to be championship dunk ready either...I'm serious. I don't know what he's going to do. I'm worried."

I suppose we can consider this dunk then a tip of the cap to Coach Brooks' skepticism.

If you listen closely, right after KD throws it down you can hear someone shout, "MJ!" and indeed he is correct.