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OKC Loud Links: Resuming the Debate

I hope all of you have found safety after Hurricane Irene made its way through the eastern coast. As I reside right in the path of where the storm did tread, I experienced some glancing effects but nothing too severe other than loss of blogging productivity. Some of my neighbors though were not as fortunate, so it has been an ordeal to help them get their lives back together. Hopefully we can rebuild and move ahead.

NBA Finals or Bust for Thunder? | ESPN

The Thunder get the round table treatment, examining Russell Westbrook, their front line, and how far away they are from winning the West.

Meet Your New NBA Owners! | Grantland

The new wash of NBA owners may be signalling a trend for how teams view themselves and their purpose of existence.

Why Winning the PR Battle is Bad for Owners | HoopSpeak

Think about it this way - the owners are kind of like the character Vince McMahon from WWE. His job is to be the villain in order that his talent might shine. If HE shines bigger than his talent, his talent is diminished in the eyes of the viewing public, and his product deteriorates. 

Players Can Win the War, But They Should End the Mess | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer maps out how the leverage has swung back and forth over the past decade nicely, but I am still left with this resolute feeling - that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter whose "turn" it is. Fairness is fiction.

NBA Players that Peaked Late | Wages of Wins

It is quite the list, and gives me personal hope that maybe I'm a late-bloomer as well. I can still hit the baseline jumper like nobody's business.

Extending the Age Minimum Has High Costs, Limited Upside | SB Nation

Ziller takes on the proposed age limit increase in his Hook. The trouble with this debate is that is completely intertwined (to which Ziller freely admits) in one's personal ideology. Unfortunately, our statistical sampling is still so small that it is difficult to prove anything conclusive either way.  All I can say is what I saw with my eyes, and that is, when high schoolers began to flood the rank and file, the quality of basketball was terrible.

More links after the jump.

Public Relations A Concern as Millionaires Spar | NY Times

The specter of 1998 always looms over the players, who must be careful to keep their arguments on a basis of principles and not personal net worth.

The Lockout Has No Winners, Only Lies and Sadness | Hardwood Paroxysm

I think I need a glass of warm milk. No, bourbon. 

Paul Pierce's "Clutch" Label Needs to Be Challenged | Sports Illustrated

Kobe Bryant's clutch game has been dissected thoroughly, and now it is the Celtics' Paul Pierce's turn.

Players I Hate, Part I: Isiah Thomas | Basketbawful

Oh, yes.

Eurobasket Final Predictions | NBA Playbook

Pruiti continues his pre-tournament analysis with his final prediction breakdown here.

Real Basketball Starts Wednesday | Behind the Basket

Here is another preview of the tournament which gets underway today. 

Redrafting the NBA: Part 7 | Basketball Prospectus

James Harden - off the board!

To Fellow Lost Bloggers | HoopSpeak

Are you a hoops blogger feeling adrift? Strauss feels your pain. For some reason this post reminds me of this episode from "Firefly."

Your 1990 All-Star Introductions | Ball Don't Lie

Love those haircuts.