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2011 NBA Lockout: What Is In a Name?

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If you are bored today and are currently reading the NBA's lawsuit against the NBPA, you probably had to scroll through about 10 pages of text that list the names of the parties. While it may not offer anything more than a passing curiosity, the naming of parties does allow us to discover the names of the teams' business entities. Set your google searches accordingly. Here we go:

Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks, LP
Boston Celtics Banner Seventeen LLC
Charlotte Bobcats Bobcats Basketball, LLC
Chicago Bulls Chicago Professional Sports Limited Partnership
Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Operating Company, LLC
Dallas Mavericks Dallas Basketball Limited
Denver Nuggets The Denver Nuggets Limited Partnership
Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons Basketball Company
Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors, LLC
Houston Rockets Rocket Ball, Ltd.
Indiana Pacers Pacers Basketball LLC
Los Angeles Clippers LAC Basketball Club, Inc.
Los Angeles Lakers The Los Angeles Lakers, Inc.
Memphis Grizzlies Hoops, L.P.
Miami Heat Miami Heat Limited Partnership
Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks, Inc.
Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Limited Partnership
New Jersey Nets New Jersey Basketball, LLC
New Orleans Hornets New Orleans Hornets NBA Limited Partnership
New York Knicks

Madison Square Guarden, L.P.

Oklahoma City Thunder The Professional Basketball Club, LLC
Orlando Magic Orlando Magic, Ltd.
Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers, L.P.

Phoenix Suns Suns Legacy Partners, L.L.C.
Portland Trail Blazers Trail Blazers, Inc.
Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings Limited Partnership, LP
San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs, L.L.C.
Toronto Raptors Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd
Utah Jazz Jazz Basketball Investors, Inc.
Washington Wizards Washington Bullets, L.P.

Most of these names are pretty nondescript, but a few applied a bit of creativity. The Thunder's company name actually sounds like a place you'd want to hang out, and the Celtics' name is certifiably boastful. The biggest props however have to go to the Wizards, who forever hang onto their Bullets legacy.