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OKC Loud Links: Lawsuits - The American Way

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In the past few days we've seen a failure of the latest CBA negotiations, a lawsuit, and Kevin Durant dropping 35 foot jump shots like they were layups. At least one of those things reminds us of how great basketball can be.

David Stern Will Not Get Paid | ESPN

According to "sources," David Stern will not receive a salary while the lockout remains. Call me a skeptic, but since Stern's salary, while estimated to be around $20-$23 million, is known by maybe three people, I am dubious that I can trust "sources" who probably don't know how much he really makes anyway. Honestly, unless Stern comes out himself and says he's foregoing a salary, I'm inclined to not believe this at all.

David Stern Escalated This Lockout | SB Nation

In Ziller's hook, he breaks down a number of facets about David Stern's posturing these past few days, including an unneeded personal attack on some of the role players in the lockout situation.

Stern Not a Fan, Not Threatened, by Overseas | USA Today

Stern sees the allure of playing overseas as fraught with risk for the players - the risk of splintering the union, and the risk of injury without insurance. Since he's arguing on the opposite side of the table as players, we know then that the first one is the opposite of what he really believes.

Nick Collison Disagrees With Stern | Twitter

Nick Collison took to the Twitter account to dispute Stern's claims. I think his statements are closer to the truth than Stern's, although the risk of injury is always present any time a player laces up his sneakers.

NBA vs NBPA | Scribd

Are you entering law school in a few weeks? Take a look at the lawsuit the NBA just filed and see if you can parse it out. 

More links after the jump.

Good Players With Bad Contracts | Wages of Wins

This is a continuation of the discussion spurred on by the argument that an amnesty clause in the CBA would help competitive balance.

Top 100 Players: 81-90 | Sports Illustrated

Here are the next ten in SI's top 100 ranking. To me, it seems like more guys are heading downward than upward in this portion of the list.

Dwight Howard: Lockout is a Time for Soul Searching | Ball Don't Lie

Dwight Howard is one of the more forthright people in the league, and he is encouraging the rest of the players to use this down time to figure out who they really are as human beings. Apparently Howard thinks he's a taller version of Carrot Top.

China and the Lockout: Mysterious Millions | HoopSpeak

China has long been a growth target for the NBA, but in the midst of this labor dispute the question arises, what kind of return is the NBA seeing on its overseas investment?

The EOB Elite: 91-100 | CBS Sports

CBS Sports is also ranking its top 100 players. In this ranking, Kendrick Perkins rings in at #91, but I have to challenge the notion that he was acquired to put the team over the top. The only guy that can put the team over the top wears #35. Everybody else is just setting the table.

Karl Malone Greets the Troops | Ball Don't Lie

NBA legend Karl Malone took a trip with Daily Show's Jon Stewart and magician David Blaine to spend some time with the troops in Afghanistan.