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OKC Loud Links: Wrapping Up a Quiet Week

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It was a quiet week, but new meetings may be on the horizon. With any luck, that meeting will actually happen and inevitably lead to both sides speaking in hyperbole and build straw-man arguments, as opposed to the meeting getting canceled which would lead both sides to speak in hyperbole and build straw-man arguments.

15 Trivia Questions From Last Season | Daily Thunder

Young puts our brains to the test to see how much we have forgotten from last season. One thing that these questions should point out is that the Thunder were hardly a one-man team; everyone played a crucial role in their ascent to the Western Conference Finals.

NBA and NBPA to Hold Bargaining Session Next Week | NY Times

Maurice Evans says that David Stern is lying, and Stern says that the union doesn't really understand how things work. I'm sure this meeting will go well.

All About the W's: Shaquille O'Neal | Behind the Basket

Blott breaks down the Big Aristotle's career to see how seriously how he took his role as the wins producer for championship teams.

HoopSpeak Live: Bethlehem Shoals | HoopSpeak

The guys interview basketball savant Bethlehem Shoals. When Shoals digs deep, we would do best to listen up.

Similarity in Skill Makes Miami Duo Unique | Sports Illustrated

The focus is on LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, but you could easily translate the discussion to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as well.

Bill Simmons Mailbag | Grantland

One of the questions Simmons addresses looks at and observes how Kobe Bryant has essentially assimilated part of Dirk Nowitzki's game. It makes sense, because has Kobe has gotten older he has more trouble creating space to work. Dirk has always had trouble creating space, so his acquired skillset would be of benefit to any other player who wants to deal with the signs of aging.

More links after the jump.

Durant's Summer Has Hip-Hop Roots | Smoking Section

Like many other pro athletes, Durant has sought to get into the music producing scene. The divisive nature of hip-hop is always a risk, but one thing we've seen from Durant this summer is a more full embracing of his person. While that might not always make us the fans happy, I think it allows for the maturation that is necessary for living life.

Email Exchange: Beckley Mason and Tom Ziller | HoopSpeak

An exchange of great basketball minds, touching on everything from the Kings to the Sonics to secular churches.

Luke Walton Joins Memphis Tigers | Sports Radio Interviews

Walton talks about his new summer job, and also how it feels to have a contract that completely overvalues his own contribution.

Dwight Howard Looks to Free Throw Shooting Maestro | Ball Don't Lie

Behold, a shout-out to Jack Sikma

Ron Artest's Name Change Meets Awkward Delay | LA Times

Ron Artest, set to undergo a name change to "Meta World Peace," realized that his application is being held up because of unpaid parking tickets. Only in Artest-world would something like this happen. I wonder if this was the car that led him to such tickets.

Hines Ward Talks About Dancing With the Stars | Sports Radio Interviews

And Ward drops the names Ron Artest and Dwyane Wade into the DWTS conversation. Would Artest be better or worse than Mark Cuban?