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Royal Ivey: Interview at Grantland

Jonathan Abrams scored a great interview with Thunder backup guard Royal Ivey. Although Ivey's time on the court was limited this past season,you could see his imprint on the team, most noticeably in his relationships with the younger players. 

During this lockout period, Ivey has returned to the University of Texas to continue his pursuit of a degree in elementary education.

His Own Words: Royal Ivey | Grantland

Here are a few choice quotes from the interview, but sure to click over to read the whole post, which includes the secret to how Ivey got his first name.


Why are you going back [to school]?

"Because I'm six hours away and I want to become a coach at the collegiate level, so in order to do that I need my degree, and it was something I had my mind set on when I walked in the first day - no matter what I was going to get my degree. In a couple months, it'll come true."

What was the atmosphere of the seven-game series against Memphis like last playoffs?

"That was unreal. That was what basketball's about at the next level, just being in a Game 7, them beating us at our house, us beating them at their house, the triple-overtime game, the fans taunting us on the bench. It was just a crazy environment."

Complete this sentence: The Thunder would have beaten the Mavericks if ...

"The Thunder would have beaten the Mavericks if it was 2013. It's experience. Those guys have been there before. They tasted a little bit losing in '06 against the Heat, and experience goes a long way. They got that savvy and they played with it."