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OKC Loud Links: Push and Push Back

The tete a tete continues as words from both sides of the aisle are fired across bow. 

Why Do Players Care About a Hard Cap? | Sports Illustrated

Lowe gets a series of people on the record who can speak with authority on the topic of the hard cap. They talk extensively of the flexibility that would be lost and how free agency movement would become restricted.

Stale Contracts Provide New Ammunition | Washington Post

"All right, you want to go tit for tat, I'll go tit for tat...I'll see you J.J. Barea and raise you Eddy Curry."

Fans At Least Deserve Honesty | SB Nation

Ziller takes another look at some of the comments David Stern made in his podcast with Bill Simmons, and isolates out the facts from the fact-like substances.

Players Far From Optimistic | Sports Illustrated

Amick get a chance to talk to NBPA VP Maurice Evans and extracts some great commentary on how Evans feels the negotiations are unfolding. Unsurprisingly, the players were none too fond of David Stern's podcast with Simmons. 

Introducing the SB Nation iPhone App | SB Nation

Have you ever been sitting in a subway and wondered about that one time when I compared Russell Westbrook to an African weasel? With the new SB Nation app, such analysis and depth is but a mere click away.

How Far Apart Are They? A Handy Chart | ESPN

Abbott provides a nice handy chart to express visually how far apart the NBPA and the NBA are in terms of dollars.

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How Rich People Ask for More Money | Huffington Post

Mr. Berri, Wages of Wins guru, takes to the sports-political cross section to argue his that the causes and effects being argued are not necessarily on the same playing field.

Players Want Squads of NBA Teammates for Vegas League | Sporting News

With the Summer League all but gone, Las Vegas is looking to fill the void and players are trying to get their teammates involved.

Five Ways to Make Vegas Worth While | Ball Don't Lie

I like #5. Make sure to bring Vince Vaughn.

Kevin Durant on Michael Vick: Not Bad | NewsOK

Kevin Durant engages in a little friendly banter over the rightful place of Michael Vick amongst the NFL's elite QB's.

Dirk Nowitzki: Work in Progress | SB Nation

One of the more interesting cultural trends these past few years is for dorks and geeks to embrace their inner-dork and inner-geek. As a result, Dirk Nowitzki finally has a target market.

Redrafting the NBA: Round 4 | Basketball Prospectus

In terms of basketball value, what is the difference between Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire?

Blake Griffin: Funny | Ball Don't Lie

Blake Griffin may seem to be an emotionless cyborg sent from the future to seek and destroy all, but he actually has a pretty dry sense of humor. He also seems like the kind of guy who would fart in an elevator and not even crack a smile. Discipline.

Top 10 Things Stern is Doing Right Now | Basketbawful 

#9. Yeah.

Nate Burleson Does the LeBron Chalk Toss | Ball Don't Lie

It might be funnier if not for the fact that Nate Burleson is probably going to be on the losing end of football games at least 11 times this season.