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OKC Loud Links: Goodman-Drew Was a Blast; Now What?

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In the afterglow of what might be the last meaningful competitive game for a long while, we once again must look ahead as players tighten their purse strings.

D.C. Claims Bragging Rights | Washington Post

"I don't want hear nothing about that Kevin DurantThunder up. We're enemies right now." - James Harden before the game

Goodman vs Drew: A Rematch in the Works? | SB Nation

By all accounts (except for those people who couldn't actually get into the gym), Goodman-Drew I was a smashing success, and now they're trying to make another one happen in Los Angeles next month. With such a venue in play, there's an increased chance that old timer Kobe Bryant might show up as well.

For One Night, Basketball Returns | Sports Illustrated

This is a great report on the integral role Durant played in making the Goodman-Drew game happen. It appears as if KD is quickly acquiring the role of a power player amongst his peers.

Stars Put On a Show, If Only For One Night | ESPN

Mason writes that the competitive level was high on Saturday night, much of it brought forth by James Harden and Durant, who went head-to-head most of the night.

Denied Goodman-Drew Ticket Holders To Get Refund | Washington Post

Early reports indicated that Saturday's game was oversold, but it appears that aspect may have been a result of fraudulent tickets being sold on the street, which in turn denied legitimate ticket holders. Goodman Commissioner Miles Rawls appears determined to set things right.

Kevin Durant to Star in Warner Bros Movie? | Daily Thunder

I am going to apply the Gene Siskel test to this movie idea - is this movie premise more or less interesting than a hypothetical documentary of the same actors sitting around talking over lunch?

More links after the jump.

Derrick Rose Has No Doubt He Will Win Lots of Championships | SB Nation

Derrick Rose, the soft-spoken MVP, lays claim to future championships, just like LeBron James. Same?  Or Different?

The Lost Season: Tracy McGrady, 02-03 | Hardwood Paroxysm

There was a time not too long ago when the debate was legitimate - who was the better player, Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady? We know what the answer is today, but for the time when we didn't know, this is what we thought we did know - Kobe was evolutionary Jordan, and McGrady was evolutionary Dr. J. 

The Dark Side of the Hard Salary Cap | SB Nation

Ziller argues that while small market teams' contention that a hard salary cap structure would help their financial viability, it could come potentially at the cost of their overall basketball competitiveness because it will become harder to keep elite players.

NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement Visualized | Hoopism

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you took a CBA word cloud and shaped it into the form of Jerry West? Well, your prayers have been answered.

Fifty Worst Rotation Players: 40-31 | Hardwood Paroxysm

HP's continued countdown in mediocrity examines the next 10. I never really understood the idea of Steve Blake, either.

22 Markets Meet the NBA's Financial Threshold | The Business Journals

An NBA team, according to the study, requires an income base of $34.2 billion for adequate support. Twenty-two open markets are above that threshold, earning perfect scores on a 100-point rating scale.

Eurobasket, Part 1 | Daily Thunder

DT's weekly podcast features an individual who will be helping bring a lot of attention to Eurobasket next month.

Dirk, Dragic, and the Best Leaders Heading to Lithuania | Euroleague Adventures

Speaking of which, here is that said individual's web site, and he examines some of the biggest NBA names who are going to be playing.

Grant Hill is NO Dwyane Wade | Wages of Wins

A counterpoint is offered here to WoW's earlier contention that Grant Hill is essentially Dwyane Wade without a ring.

Kevin Durant in Australian Tour? | Sporting News

Durant, Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, and Chris Paul may be heading down under this summer.

Redrafting the NBA | Basketball Prospectus

You will never guess who takes Kevin Durant in this mock-up.