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Kevin Durant Catches Fire at Rucker Park

Kevin Durant made an appearance at the famed Harlem basketball court in Rucker Park to put on a show to the tune of 66 points and several mob-inducing long-range bombs. I'm not sure if there is rhyme or reason to Durant's summer-long tour across gyms around the country, but we really need to find that itinerary and experience first hand some more fun basketball moments. I think it's also worth noting  that this shooting flurry came in what appears as uninterrupted action. There is no editing going on that links these consecutive shots together; it's just Kevin being Kevin.

After the game, Durant took to Twitter to convey to everyone how much fun the entire experience was.

After the jump we have another short clip of that last 3-pointer, and it is taken at a lower angle so you can see from where Durant is shooting. It's out there.