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OKC Loud Links: No CBA Movement, No Surprises

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The CBA negotiations "continued" yesterday, which is to say that nothing really got continued except for further blame shifting and veiled condescension. I'm sure everyone had a nice catered lunch however, so I'm sure it wasn't a total loss. 

Good Faith is Mighty Overrated | SB Nation

Ziller writes that the whole concept of negotiating in "good faith" is an overwrought term that now both sides are guilty of throwing about. I would add that David Stern is usually a pretty savvy public negotiator, but some of the lines he dropped after the fallout of yesterday's meeting were pretty lame. Comparing the NFL average salary to the NBA average salary? We know the difference between apples and oranges.

Getting Psyched for Goodman vs Drew | Daily Thunder

Young encourages us all to get pumped up for the Goodman vs Drew league game that is set to go down on August 20 in Washington DC. It looks like attendance will be inexpensive and multiple media outlets are looking to carry the action.

David Stern: Nothing to Be Encouraged About | Sports Illustrated

As I predicted yesterday morning, the CBA negotiations between the power players of the NBA (David Stern, Billy Hunter) yielded nothing but another round of pathetic blaming. 

The Value of Rebounding | Hardwood Paroxysm

Rebounding is an interesting stat in that it has a multiplying effect of either increasing an offense's efficiency, or decreasing the opponent's offensive efficiency. Here is one look on a better way to compare two players' rebounding prowess.

1993 Playoffs Retrospective Part II: Clippers vs Rockets | SB Nation

Prada continues his look back at the 1993 playoffs, this time examining the first round matchup between the Clippers(!) and Rockets. Yes, that's right, the Clippers were in the playoffs, led by mercurial head coach Larry Brown

Last Playoff Ranking | Wages of Wins

Galletti offers one last ranking for the NBA playoff field. OKC comes in at #3, behind the champion Mavericks and runners-up Heat.

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Eurobasket Scouting: Slovenia | NBA Playbook

Pruiti continues to satiate his basketball cravings with a look at Euro basketball, scouting the Slovenian team. We need to keep this upcoming tournament on our radar, because there is a possibility we could have some first-hand reporting of the event.

Dwight Howard Sings for the Kids | Hardwood Paroxysm

Dwight Howard, the supersized Superman jokester kid, has apparently released a children's music album where he does most of the singing. Unlike a lot of past NBA ballers' attempts at making an album, this one seems like people are actually having fun as Howard sings along with a bunch of kids. 

Rogue of the Week: Jalen Rose | Behind the Basket

Former NBA player and current commentator Jalen Rose earns the dubious honor for managing to get caught speeding on the same day as his DUI sentencing. 

Players Union Bends Under Stern's Rule | Yahoo! Sports

David Stern reportedly makes $20-$23 million per year. I'll just offer this up - since the league is in such dire financial straits, why is this salary not on the cost-cutting table as well?

The Twitter 100 | Sports Illustrated

We're a little late on this one, but SI ranks the top 100 sports-related tweeters. Amongst the group is none other than Kevin Durant, who has greatly helped his profile by being accessible to the fanbase. There are a number of other interesting pros in there as well that you might be inclined to follow, so give it a good look.

Legend vs Star: Bird vs Dirk | CBS Sports

Regardless of whether you think Dirk Nowitzki compares well to Larry Bird, the fact is that Dirk is still one of the rare breeds who has stayed committed to one franchise to the point where the two identities are intricately linked.

Rare Cinematic Glimpse Into 1930's Basketball | Negative Dunkalectics

A look back at the silver screen era, and how the lens portrayed the campus times and the basketball that went along with it. For some reason this post reminds me of the movie Pleasantville.

Jeff Green is More Odom than Pierce | Hardwood Paroxysm

Checking in with former Thunder Jeff Green, he is trying to figure out where he fits into the Celtics' championship-contending lineup. I hope that Kevin Garnett sticks around for another season, because I think the influence he could have on Jeff Green is similar to the one he had on Rajon Rondo. Rondo went from a passive and unsure player to one who can take over games for stretches. Green has the talent, but he needs the proper mindset.