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OKC Loud Links: Afternoon Roundup

As you can probably, tell, my days are long and free time is short, so we're under-reporting a lot of the more interesting goings-on these days. Hopefully that will change soon, and for now, we can offer up some more links to keep you engaged.

NBA Can't Let Lockout Get in the Way of TV Deal | SB Nation

As we've discussed in this space, the NBA finds itself in the middle of a currently unfavorable TV deal, and they must negotiate these labor waters delicately so that they can secure the best deal possible when the current contract expires.

Perkins is Fighting | NewsOK

Carlson writes that Kendrick Perkins, arrested over the weekend, is fighting back against the charges. As we know, there are three sides to every story and it is commendable that Perkins is worried about his good name and is fighting to keep it clean.

Front Court Players on the Verge | The Basketball Jones

Kevin Durant! Serge Ibaka! Brook Lopez! Front courts of the future!

Ben Gordon on the NBA Lockout | Detroit Bad Boys

Ben Gordon of the Pistons sat down for an interview with the Grantland staff and revealed some interesting facts surrounding how the league communicated to the players when the lockout began.

Players Side of NFL Deal Hard to Swallow | CNBC

Rovell takes a look at the aftermath of the NFL's labor deal, and points out the alarming fact that the NFLPA, just like the NBPA, seems to be coming up short in its responsibility to represent its members well.

NBA Players Appear in Germantown Charity Game, Lose | Newsworks

Let it be said that these were not the normal crop of All-Star weekend participants, and I'm as big a Hakeem Warrick fan as they come. 

Did Barack Obama Destroy Rondo's Jump Shot? | Ball Don't Lie

This account may be more apocryphal than we'd care to admit, especially when we look through it with the lens as to how exactly we see our current President, but it does make for a compelling story either way.

More links after the jump.

Hoyas Brawl in China | NBC

The Georgetown Hoyas are overseas to spread some basketball cheer, and apparently they've been taking pointers from Michael Beasley.

Memorabilia Madness | Grantland

Simmons documents his annual trek to a memorabilia convention. It is probably a good thing that these events are far away from where I live.

Delonte West Applies at Home Depot | Ball Don't Lie

Actually, he really did. I say, good on him. As Ralph Wiley once wrote, at the end of the day, all a man really has is the integrity of his own work.