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OKC Loud Links: Rankings and More Rankings

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The Kendrick Perkins story is still percolating, so in the mean time let's take a gander to all the rankings that seem to be popping up these days, including SI's final top 10 countdown.

Top 100 Players: 1-10 | Sports Illustrated

Kevin Durant shows up at #8, four slots ahead of his wunderkind counterpart Russell Westbrook. That rank may seem low, but with where he is in his career, all of the guys ahead of him (with the exception of maybe #7) probably deserve to be there too. And love him or hate him, the fact remains that LeBron James is still the lone franchise-altering talent in the NBA.

Durant Leads Team to Goodman Title | SB Nation

You might be shocked to hear this, but Kevin Durant managed to lead his Goodman League team to the championship. Thus ends the Goodman's normal run, but as we know, the all-star game between the Drew League and Goodman League still looms this weekend.

Ranking Every Player: 401-500 | ESPN

ESPN gets in on the ranking act, disclosing their choices via Twitter. Reggie Jackson, who has yet to even see the court for the Thunder, gets the highest slot of OKC players in this grouping. 

The EOB Elite: 40-31| CBS Sports

This is an interesting group of guys in this range, because a team with championship aspirations has to have guys that fall into this range, but the risk is in not paying them as if they were ranked higher.

All the Small Things | Hardwood Paroxysm

How could something so arbitrary as a player ranking (and a ranking of the worst players in the league to boot) stir our emotions so boldly? 

More links after the jump.

For Players, A Potentially Lucrative Lockout | ESPN

Abbott gets the opportunity to talk with Durant's agent Aaron Goodwin, who does a great job walking us through the process as to how a player like Durant can capitalize on his business opportunities overseas. 

Where is Michael Ray Richardson? | Grantland

This is a compelling read about a compelling former NBA player and how his redemption is still a work in progress. Very well done.

Lockout Videos: Jordan vs Iverson | Ball Don't Lie

Here is a look back at Allen Iverson's rookie season and how he fared against Michael Jordan. If you watch the longer clip, two things come to light - that Bulls team was as about as well a crafted group as you could have, and the Sixers were loaded in their own right. They had Iverson, Jerry Stackhouse, and Derrick Coleman leading the charge. 

Rogue of the Week: David Stern | Behind the Basket

This week, Blott names Mr. Stern as his rogue of the week for continuing to work his dark materials to play parties off of each other. It is devious and brilliant and I can't decide if I'm more in awe or disgust. 

LeBron Gets "Dunked On" By Taiwanese Hoopster | Ball Don't Lie

LeBron James looks like Dwight Howard compared to the rest of these guys, yet still gets his pocket picked clean. Big props to the Taiwanese guy who took it strong to the rim, because we all know LeBron likes to give chase for the dramatic blocks at the rim.

Kobe Gets Into Fight In Church Over Cell Phone Pics, Doctrine of Limited Atonement | Orange County Register

Kobe Bryant was in a church service this past weekend when he came to believe that an individual was trying to snap some photos of him with a cell phone. Kobe reminded the man that hand checking is no longer legal, and the man purportedly had to go to the ER for treatment on his wounded ego.

Waiting on Potential | Wages of Wins

Are you still holding out hope for Cole Aldrich? There is precedent, but it to a large degree depends on things outside of the player's control.

Iranian National Team Plays Human Bowling | Ball Don't Lie

Something tells me that this would not go over well in David Stern's NBA.