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OKC Loud Links: Rebounding From the Weekend

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As we've slogged through this depressing off-season, often we've been starved for information about anything pertaining to the status of the NBA. Well, we just had one incident that conveys that sometimes the best news is no news at all. 

As to what we know now, it is scant. Something happened to Kendrick Perkins that put him in a hospital, and then something else happened to him that put him in a jail cell (albeit briefly). Without the resources of the team made available, the only source we have is Perkins himself, and Perkins is not exactly known for candor about his private life. As a result, we're left in the dark trying to manufacture our own light to see what happened.

If Perkins Needs Help, Team Can't Offer It | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that one of the unintended off-shoots of the lockout is that for whatever trouble that Kendrick Perkins might be in, the team is almost powerless to help him. To even think that a team might have to get permission to talk to one of their players who might be in a hospital somewhere might be a good indication that the cone of silence surrounding this event might be a bit too overburdening. 

Perkins Arrested in Home Town | Daily Thunder

Young writes that the entire incident at the bar seems to have been an escalating affair, with pepper spray, threats, and instigation of fights. Perkins is an enforcer on the court, and apparently off it as well. The only problem is, we don't know yet what exactly he was trying to do.

Kevin Durant Went to Stephen Jackson For Advice | Ball Don't Lie

Kevin Durant, pondering what to do in this upcoming season, apparently sought out the advice of Stephen Jackson. A strange, yet obvious choice, to be sure. Hopefully part of that advice will be to stay away from bars and strip clubs.

Kevin Durant is Winning the Lockout | GQ

Bethlehem Shoals writes about how Durant's summer has been a victory lap, simply because Durant is pretty much everywhere. More important though is that the places where he is found are the places where people go to play and watch basketball. What amazes me the most is that this avenue for personal brand development is literally available to every player in the league, and yet only a handful seem interested in capitalizing on it. Or maybe they're the only ones who want to be actually playing ball right now.

Dennis Rodman's Moving HoF Speech | SB Nation

Dennis Rodman was inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame, and gave a speech that laid bare much of his trials and tribulations in life. If you're old enough to remember how the second phase of Rodman's life played out, one thing that always seemed obvious was that the guy has a lot of pain from his past that he was learning how to deal with. A respectful nod to him for putting some of it out there for us to see, and hopefully, relate to on some level. As a side note, good to see Ahmad Rashad is still getting some work.

More links after the jump.

D-Rod Can Still Shock Us | Basketbawful

Here is another account from a guy who, like me, grew up watching the maddening game and antics of Rodman. I hated him when he played for the Pistons and loved him when he played for the Bulls. In fact, in that historic 1996 Bulls season, it was the signing of Rodman that made me immediately say out loud, "The Bulls will win it all this year."

95 Theses On the Lockout | SB Nation

Either Ziller was deeply moved in church this past weekend, or else he just had a whole lot of free time on his hands. Regardless, here is his opus on all that ails the league. I'm going to guess that his solution to cure the practice of league indulgences lies somewhere in the book of Ephesians.

Durant Stars in Goodman League | Washington Post

Durant talks a bit more about his summer tour playing in local gyms across the country. He claims he's trying to break the barrier between the pro players and the fans, and it looks like he is succeeding.

"It's just hooping. That's what I do."

Quick Hitter: Spain Uses Ball Screen to Set Up Lobs | NBA Playbook

Hey look, basketball! We need a daily dose of Pruiti just to remember what a pleasure it is to watch teams figure things out like this.

Durant Sets Oct. 1 Deadline | Sporting News

Durant said that he will make a decision whether to seriously entertain overseas offers. At that point, it will be known whether or not the league is going to have a season.

Voiding Contracts Would Make Free-For-All | AZ Central

One of the risks floated by the NBA if the union were to decertify is, all of the contracts would get voided. This, I must say, is a bold but empty threat by the league, because ultimately it is the teams that would suffer the most if guys like LeBron James, Durant, and Dwight Howard were not bound to contract limits. There is no way teams would ever follow through on this idle threat.

A Look at the 2009 Draft Class | Hardwood Paroxysm

Here is a quick look back at the Class of 2009, which bore the strange trait of peaking really early and then settling back to a normal growth curve. Of course three of the Thunder's components - James Harden, Serge Ibaka, and Eric Maynor - came from that draft. From OKC's perspective, they made out like bandits.

Cuban Drops in on Dyckman | Sporting News

Mark Cuban visited the Dyckman League to see his most recent acquisition Corey Brewer play. Cuban can look, but cannot touch (or speak). 

Perkins Arrest Latest Reminder That Thunder Should Have Kept Jeff Green | Bleacher Report

Yeah...this is just stupid. Even so, I'm linking it just to see what this kind of argument actually looks like in print. 

As an aside, this is the sort of thing that talking heads like Skip Bayless entertain during the off-season. And just for once, when a guy like Skip throws out the line, "Do you think that the Thunder ultimately made a mistake with this trade, given how Perkins' arc has played out?" I'd like to see the other guy just say, "No. That's a moronic suggestion born out of ignorance and incompetence. Next question."

Arvydas Sabonis And Others Who Aged Like Fine Wine | Wages of Wins

A look at how some of the better players aged with dignity. I also can never get over the fact of how huge Sabonis' noggin looks.