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Kendrick Perkins Arrested for Public Intoxication

Via TMZ:

NBA star Kendrick Perkins was arrested in Beaumont, TX this morning for public intoxication and disorderly conduct ... TMZ has learned.

Perkins -- who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder -- was booked into Jefferson County Jail at around 4:00 AM. According to the jail, he posted $251 bond and was released shortly thereafter.

And with this report, both Boston Celtics traded to the Thunder have been charged with crimes, as Nate Robinson was charged with public urination back in June.

But this situation is laughable, at best. Of course, no one likes somebody being drunk and acting like a jerk, but there are many worse things other NBA players have done, and I doubt anyone will remember this by the time the season starts.

You could get on a high horse and claim that this is no way to set an example for your children, or how this is no way to act when you're on a multi-million dollar contract. But given that very little is known about the charges, I wouldn't pick up my pitchfork just yet. In case you didn't get the memo, team toughness comes with a price.