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OKC Loud Links: Glacial

Very little news has permeated today, as the lockout is all but at a standstill and players are still weighing their options behind the scenes.

Wins Prevented | Wages of Wins

The WoW crew created another statistical derivative of their Wins Produced metric. This time around, Galleti examines how each player's opponents did against him vs the rest of the league. I'm sure some more synthesis of this stat is in order, because the results are downright weird.

NBA Lockout Rankings | SB Nation

Well, we have to rank something, right? At least Kevin Durant still represents well.

Secondary Market Ticket Sellers About to Get Hammered | Ball Don't Lie

The purveyors of the secondary ticket market, those guys who help streamline and make efficient the market for NBA tickets, do not have a Plan B if the lockout persists. ESPN won't be cutting them a check if play does not resume.

Dennis Rodman Headed to Hall of Fame | SB Nation

Ziller defends Dennis Rodman, who contributed mightily to his team's defense and rebounding but not much anywhere else. Is that enough to be enshrined? 

More links after the jump.

Rodman Will Arrive By Heli | Miami Herald

Rodman will be arriving at the award ceremony by helicopter. No word yet on whether he will be sporting Velentino or Vera Wang.

Stephen Curry: Photogenic | The Basketball Jones

Warriors guard Stephen Curry just got married, and has some remarkable wedding photos to prove it. Be careful, Steph. Two words for you - Doug Christie. You are warned.

Lockout Dreams With Terrence Williams | Hardwood Paroxysm

One writer finally reaches the end of his hope with Terrence Williams. I've had a few players like that myself - the most notable was Derrick Coleman, who could have been an all-timer if he had bothered to care.

The Elite Rankings: 51-60 | CBS Sports

CBS continues with its own top 100 list, and they're now halfway done. Two of the newly minted world champs make an appearance.

What the Lockout Can Teach Us About Players | The Basketball Jones

Here is another look at what some of the players are doing in their off-season, most notably some former UCLA players, including Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, and Baron Davis. Good on all of them, but I have to say that Baron looks like the proud papa who is dropping his kids off for fall semester.

Retro Diary: Magic vs Bullets | SB Nation

Prada provides his next entry into his look back at seasons past. This time out, he watches a game from the 1995-96 season, featuring two young upstart teams at a time before Washington changed their name and logo. Even in their dysfunction, this Bullets team was kind of stacked.