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OKC Loud Links: Thunder Players Keeping Busy

Little news circulating today, save the constant floating of players, including Kevin Durant, that are considering playing overseas. We finally get some perspective of the other side of the equation today, coming from the Euroleague. 

How It's All Going to Play Out, 2011-12 Edition | Daily Thunder

Young predicts how next season might fall out if a complete season is still possible. The Thunder had 55 wins last season, so 57 seems like a nice number to shoot for. However, I think it is important to note that the lack of home court advantage is not what doomed OKC, and there are diminishing returns when a team tries to squeeze out a few extra wins in a hyper-competitive league.

Kevin Durant Right at Home in Goodman League | HoopSpeak

Mason writes that Kevin Durant has made a seamless transition from being one of the more unguardable players in the NBA to just one of the guys in a small humid gym. 

Serge Ibaka Love | Hardwood Paroxysm

Serge Ibaka is playing for Spain at Eurobasket 2011, and he continues to make people take notice of his raw but ever-improving skills. I still maintain that Ibaka is the key to seeing the Thunder transform into an offensive team that has no weakness.

Thunder Planning Offseason Workouts | HoopsWorld

We know that Durant has been keeping tabs on his teammates, and it looks like they will be one of the teams that works to stay together in the off-season to get ready for their future. They're a team that appears driven to take the next step.

Top 100 Players: 31-40 | Sports Illustrated

Kevin Love tops this portion of the list, but even Lowe knows that Love has a great shot to move much higher if his curcent trajectory continues.

More links after the jump.

Kendrick Perkins to Host Celebrity Game | Beaumont Enterprise

Kendrick Perkins is heading back to his old high school to host a celebrity game that may include some of his teammates, including Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Eric Maynor. No doubt Perkins will be the only guy on the court who sees it as his soul purpose to set soul-crushing screens on the defense.

Euroleague Wary About Signing NBA Players Already Under Contract | Sports Illustrated

Logically, a Euroleague team should be wary about signing players who have a contractual obligation to an NBA team. I'm sure that some would simply like to boost their gate receipts, but for the more serious franchises, importing a high level talent for a few months could cause more harm than good.

State of Nate: Season 1, Episode 1 | State of Nate

Nate Robinson, world traveler and aspiring NFL player, has just launched his own web site featuring video blogs. It is still a bare-looking site, but hopefully with the downtime he can built it into a fun side project.

Spain Gets Rubio In Space, Let's Him Create | NBA Playbook

Pruiti hits on my biggest point of concern about Ricky Rubio's adaptation to the NBA. With players that are stronger and quicker than him, how is Rubio going to get into open space to maximize his tantalizing passing skills? He isn't jacked up like LeBron James or explosive like Russell Westbrook. Minnesota is going to have to be creative to get Rubio the space he needs, especially against the better defensive teams in the league. 

Out of Work Players Back in College | Yahoo! Sports

A number of players, including Russell Westbrook, have returned to the classroom to continue with their studies to earn a college degree. This is just one more example of how players are taking this time away from the court more seriously than past generations.

Old Sonics Remind Us of What We Lost | ESPN

Duff McKeagan, bass playing rock star extraordinaire, writes about the powerful images that were conjured in his mind in watching the Seattle Mariners honor the former Sonics players.

Baron Davis: NBA Version of Miss Cleo | Ball Don't Lie

Baron Davis is supplementing his NBA career by handing out astrology advice. So he probably already knows that his coach would really like him to be in better shape next season.