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OKC Loud Links: One Lockout Down; One to Go

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Today, most of the sporting news has gravitated towards the NFL, as the league and the players finally ended their lockout. Hopefully this is a good omen for things to come in the NBA, although I do think that the NBA had more structural issues to deal with than the NFL. Even so, the NFL figured it out, so let us hope that the NBA can too.

Image is Everything: On Tattoos, Perception, and Reality | Daily Thunder

Young picks up the torch to further examine what is so outrageous about the discovery that Kevin Durant has a bunch of tattoos on his belly. You know what would really concern me more than the tats? It is the fact that I could write a term paper in perfect cursive on Durant's pectorals. They're called push-ups, and the military swears by them. Worth a try, no?

NBA Has More Issues to Deal With Than NFL | NewsOK

Mayberry correctly notes that for the NFL, it took the court system getting involved to help bring about the lockout's end. Will the NBPA follow suit and decertify? 

Durant, Kobe, Rose Didn't Play for Chump Change in Manila | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer notes that the NBA players who made the trip overseas each received $400,000 for their efforts, and according to Sam Amick, that money is tax-free. Are we sure about that though? It seems unusual that a country would allow work to be performed within their borders without their BIR (similar to our IRS) taking a cut. Also, since expenses lower taxable income, there would need to be an offset so that the government does not get short shrift. 

NBA, NBPA Still far Apart | Sports Illustrated

Amick writes that there still seems to be a wide chasm and little movement on either side of the CBA negotiation. Both parties seem to be staring at each other, too cautious to take a misstep. It begs the question, which party is best suited to play the long game here?

Owners Threaten to Void Contracts if Players Decertify Union | Ball Don't Lie

The back-and-forth thrust and parry continues.

More links after the jump.

New CBA Deal Could Lead to More Fran Vasquez Situations | RealGM

Here is an interesting offshoot of the NBA rookie scale - it makes it much harder for NBA teams to draft foreign players and keep them, given that the NBA pay scale is fixed and relatively low. The NBA might not be able to compete with international teams' contract offers to young players, at least for the first three years of their careers.

1993 Playoff Perspective: Part I | SB Nation

Prada decides to dig into the archives and re-experience the 1993 playoffs, which if you were into the NBA then, you might recall as some of the fiercest competition in league history. How fierce? The two time defending champion Bulls were only the 3rd best team in the league in the regular season. This should be good stuff.

NBA Players Leave Philippines With a Bang | Hornets247

Here is a great first person account of the NBA players' time spent in the Philippines over the weekend. In short, this little exhibition set made a lot of money.

LeBron James Joins Drew League | SB Nation

LeBron James finally took a break from dunking on 10 year olds and joined up with the Drew League for an afternoon.

NBA Players Tweet Appreciation for Pinoy Fans | CBN News

The NBA players, including Thunder men Kevin Durant and James Harden, connected well with the fans in the Philippines and let them know afterward that the trip was well worth it.

NBA Needs to Git-Er-Done | Hardwood Paroxysm

The NFL remained in a lockout for about four months. Can the NBA work under similar time constraints? 

Suns Use History to Rebuild | Sports Illustrated

The Phoenix Suns are at a difficult crossroad, given that their cornerstone in Steve Nash has limited time left in the league. How do they move forward without losing their identity?

Technique of the Week: Going Straight Up | HoopSpeak

Mason takes a look at the defensive technique of defending in the post and looks at some of the best players who can guard inside without fouling. This is one area where Serge Ibaka has to improve so he isn't laden with cheap fouls in competitive games.

Larry Brown to the Timberwolves? |

Rumors are circulating that the Timberwolves may be interested in the services of Larry Brown, the brilliant coach who has the wandering eye. If the Wolves do pursue him, a word to the wise - he's the scorpion.

JaVale McGee: Dunk, Block, Plank | SB Nation

Amazingly, planking is starting to feel a bit dated, after all of about six weeks.

Spain's Pick and Roll Adjustment | NBA Playbook

Pruiti again looks at the U20 championships to break down some good offensive play by Spain. He diagrams out how they were able to shift away mid-stroke from one thing they do poorly and convert it into another thing they do well.

Dave Chappelle Plays Alonzo Mourning's Charity, Continues Meltdown | Ball Don't Lie

Dave Chappelle, the creator of his brilliant eponymous show and of some of the greatest sketch comedy ever, seems to have caught some weird version of the Steve Blass disease.