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James Harden: Good at Dunking, the Manila Edition

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You're probably aware of the goings on in the Philippines, where NBA players are taking on the local team. Kevin Durant and James Harden made the trip and have been treated well, and have even had the opportunity to dine with the prime minister. Royce Young at Daily Thunder helped spot this clip, which featured a little OKC showtime.

Yes, it's a phenomenal two-man play we see, but what I love about it the most is how the two set it up. After Durant grabs the rebound, you can see him give a quick word and a look to Harden, and off they go. Durant works the ball to the middle of the court (fundamentals!) and right about when you see him cross the three point line you see James Harden, who is filling the right lane, light up the afterburners. Harden knew it was coming, and Durant got the ball up high enough so that Harden could make the adjustment and finish.

The play reminds me that sometimes the most spectacular plays are the ones that don't go perfectly, because then you really get to see the athletic ability of these gentlemen.

One more Manila play after the jump.