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Loud City Debuts on Technically Speaking at CLNS Radio

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Updated with hard link to the episode

We've had the privilege of seeing our GM Zorgon appear on various media outlets to talk about the Thunder. Well, now it's my turn. I was invited as a guest on CLNS Radio's show, Technically Speaking, to talk a little bit about the CBA situation and the Thunder team.

Technically Speaking: Episode 10 | CLNS Radio

The show is hosted by Mike Munger and former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, so they bring an interesting combination of insight and experience to the format. If you thought I was long-winded and lacking in direction in written form (where I actually am able to self-edit), wait 'till you get a load of me in unscripted format.

I have no idea why I sound like I'm talking into a pillow.

I believe the traditional phrase is, "A face made for radio." We can now add an addendum to that - "A voice made for silent film."