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OKC Loud Links: Recreational Leagues Generating Interest

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We have another batch of links today after I unfortunately missed yesterday's posting due to a hectic work and life schedule. We'll try to keep the ball rolling a little bit better.

Drew League Draws Top Talent | ESPN

Here is a good look at the workings of the Drew League. James Harden has participated in it, and the league is building notoriety in a time when basketball news is scarce.

2011-12 Can't Miss Games | CBS Sports

Young runs through his list of games that should be must-see in the upcoming year, as long as the lockout ends before games begin.

The Coach is Wrong | Wages of Wins

How much do coaches matter? Let's quantify it.

Goodman vs Drew | SB Nation

Speaking of which, an all-star game of sorts is coming to Washington DC next month, pitting the Drew League players against the Goodman League players. If you're in town in the DC metro area, it should be worth checking out. According to sources, Kevin Durant, the hometown hero, should be playing.

The Sale of the Sonics: Five Years Later | Basketball Prospectus

Kevin Pelton, the star at Basketball Prospectus, actually used to be employed by the Sonics franchise before it was sold. He gives an excellent account of what it felt like to have the cornerstone of a city pulled out from underneath him.

The Hook: Debut | SB Nation

SB Nation editor extraordinaire Tom Ziller debuts his new column called "The Hook." Ziller will address three bullet points per day, where he chimes in on the most important and/or interesting goings-on around the league.

More links after the jump.

Boy Involved in Odom's Car Accident Dies | Ball Don't Lie

We tend to see Lamar Odom as a mercurial sometime star for the Lakers, and certainly his public persona has carried it out well. However, what is not at all funny and in fact is quite heartbreaking is the fact that Odom has endured a number of painful moments in his life, and this car accident which resulted in the death of a 15 year old boy is the most recent.

How Basketball Saved My Life | ESPN

You may know Dr. Jack Ramsay as the voice of the NBA, both on TV as well as radio. What you may not know is that he was the architect of one of the most dynamic and interesting championship teams in NBA history, the 1977 Portland Trail Blazers. He has a new book out, and part of it is excerpted here.

Ben Wallace: Statesman, Scholar, Bada$$ | Hardwood Paroxysm

Ben Wallace, the defensive enforcer that helped lead the Pistons to an Championship, is now considering heading back to school to get his law degree. If that's his path, then that is a great example of taking his NBA earnings and investing it into his own future to enable him to reap the rewards of his investment.

Shaq Makes TV Debut | SB Nation

Shaq is morphing into Suge Knight right before our very eyes, and now has the requisite mustache to go with the panache. I think that the only way this TV thing works out well for him and the rest of us is if he takes it seriously (low odds). Otherwise, he's just going to turn into the NBA's version of Tony Siragusa. 

Yao Ming's Influence Far Reaching | Washington Post

Here is another retrospective on the global impact that Yao Ming had on pro basketball.

Full Labor Session Not Likely Before August | CBS Sports

Further evidence that all of the talk about getting a deal done in this past year was skuvbalon. Both parties clearly have no sense of urgency right now, and probably won't for a while.

Sit Down With Coaching Legend Pete Newell | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick continues to bring great interviews with the coaches that have influenced the game.