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OKC Loud Links: New Week, New Information in Store?

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The two things that seem to be driving the NBA news cycle these days are 1) which players might jump to play overseas; and 2) what pieces of information we can either uncover or deduce from deductive reasoning. Let's see what we can figure out this week.

Players' Threat to Go Overseas is Weak | NewsOK

Tramel believes that the NBA players' rising interest in overseas basketball is more bark than bite. While we might see a few more players jump, I think that it is as much a circumstance of individuals than anything else.

Best Games of the Season: 1986-1997 | Wages of Wins

WoW continues to plum the depths of NBA history by isolating the single best game of the year by an individual. This is really fascinating stuff, and there are some surprising entries on this list.

Aldrich Still in Thunder's Plans | NewsOK

Cole Aldrich remains a part of the Thunder's future, but he's going to have to earn it.

"One thing I've learned about Coach (Scott) Brooks is he's not just going to give you minutes. He's going to have to come in and earn his minutes." - Kendrick Perkins

Retro-Breakdown: Game Four of 1985 Playoffs "Bird vs Magic" | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick digs into the archives himself with this classic matchup between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the NBA Finals.

More links after the jump.

NBA Lays Off 114 Employees | ESPN


Spokesman Mike Bass told The Associated Press the layoffs are "not a direct result of the lockout but rather a response to the same underlying issue; that is, the league's expenses far outpace our revenues."

How to Demonize Players: A Manual | SB Nation

Rick Reilly once again mails in his tribute to the holiness of golf, using NBA players as the stepping stone. Ziller takes it down, Fire Joe Morgan-style. 

D-I's Top 100 Players: 21-35 | Basketball Prospectus

Pelton continues to count down his massive list of the top college players, moving closer and closer to the top five.

Timberwolves: Built to Run? | NBA Playbook

Pruiti considers the Timberwolves and their flirtation with Don Nelson, the author of "Nellie-ball." The Wolves are already a high pace, high scoring team, so I wonder what Nelson would bring to the table. They wouldn't win much of anything, of course, because Nelson never wins anything of consequence. However, could they win 45 games and maybe a playoff spot with this style? Yes, absolutely.

Smart Gilas to Play Against Kobe-Led NBA Team | Digital Journal

Kobe Bryant is heading back to Manila to host some more exhibition games. Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose's names are mentioned as possible participants.

Allen Iverson - Comeback Not Going Well | SB Nation

Allen Iverson has struggled to find his footing in the twilight of his career, and missing his own hoops camp because of late night partying probably doesn't help.

Chinese Thunder | Daily Thunder

Young grabs some video footage of Kevin Durant and his time in China. It might be surprising to know that Durant plays tennis. It would be surprising because in reality he's terrible at it.

10 Players Who May Never Play Again Due to Lockout | Bleacher Report

Whether it is due to their respective age in the NBA or the threat of a contracting league pocket book, these players may never step on the court again.

Nick Gilbert in Fathead Form | SB Nation

I don't think it's creepy at all to have a life-size poster of a young boy whom is not related to you on your wall. That seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.

Efficiency Experts | Hardwood Hype

Here is a look at PER over the course of NBA history and how it is often quite consistent with what we think we are seeing when we watch games. 

NBA Should Work Toward Equality | SF Examiner

I don't mean to single out this one article, but I think that it is a good example of how difficult it is to understand what is really broken in the NBA.

Eddie Curry, Eater of Worlds and Cheeseburgers | SB Nation

The Heat might bring in big man Eddie Curry if he can lose some weight. If.