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Marcin Gortat Signs With Spartak St. Petersburg, the Trickle Gets Bigger

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Spartak Saint Petersburg made a strong market move. They have reportedly agreed on terms of contract with Marcin Gortat (213-C-84). The 27-year-old centre has been playing in the NBA since 2007.

The flight of players to Europe continues today with Marcin Gortat, as he joins Deron Williams, Nenad Krstic, and Sonny Weems in signing with a European club team for next season. Gortat is of Polish Nationality and has spent time playing in Poland and Germany, but he is under NBA contract with the Phoenix Suns over the next three seasons, and he's no NBA dropout.

There's not a whole lot to say about this signing, other than that it's a continuation of an ongoing trend. Interestingly, Gortat opted to sign with a team that is currently not in Europe's highest level of competition, the Euroleague. He appears to have gone for money, much as Deron Williams did when signing with Besiktas, which is currently only in Europe's second tier of competition.