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OKC Loud Links: Weekend Roundup of Nothing Happening

Perhaps this is what it was like living thousands of years ago when all people had to entertain them was stories about the stars.

Union to the NBA: Hey, There's Stuff Missing | Sports Illustrated

Lowe writes that the NBPA is calling for greater disclosure from the NBA with regards to financials. Apparently when the league said, "we opened up the books," they were forgetting that the Encyclopedia set does not simply run A through M. 

League, Union to Meet Today | Sports Illustrated

Sounds like they're meeting so they can talk about when the next time is they're going to meet.

Interview With Superagent David Falk | Sports Radio Interviews

David Falk, the man who helped put Michael Jordan on the map, talks candidly about the labor situation. He also offers a steep warning to those players who are considering playing overseas during the lockout.

NBA Overpays for College Education | Wages of Wins

The WoW guys take a look at the opposite end of the "who gets overpaid?" question. Surprisingly, most regular people overpay for a college education too.

How the Lockout Has Made Nets 100 Times Cooler | SB Nation

Behind the increase in popularity is the force of irrational exuberance and the simple law of scarcity.

Fandom Acts of Kindness | ESPN

Behold, the great Dwight Howard social media experiment. I'm sure it helps a great deal that Howard loves being around other people.

More links after the jump.

Ibaka Nationalized by Spain | Yahoo! News

Serge Ibaka has been granted Spanish nationality, which clears the way for him to join the Spanish national team this summer. If you recall, Ibaka was born in the Republic of Congo, but later moved to Spain where he began his pro basketball journey.

Mavericks Use Cryotherapy to Keep Ahead | SB Nation

"My nipples are about to fall off!" - NBA Champion Shawn Marion

Why Not Count Post-Season? |

This writer asks the question of why we still parse out postseason stats from regular season stats. I don't know the answer to that, but the rule was probably put in place by teams who went to the playoffs every year.

Is Private Equity Overtaking the NBA? | Fortune

Increasingly, private equity firms have become major players in the acquisition of pro sports franchises. I get the feeling this topic will have to be revisited later on, but my initial reaction is ambivalent, as long as the PE firms don't take on too much debt to make their purchases.

D-I's Top 100 Players: 35-50 | Basketball Prospectus

We've finally made it into the top 50 in BP's huge D-I ranking. I still haven't heard of any of these guys. 

Spain Recycles Off-Ball Stagger | NBA Playbook

Pruiti moves on to the U20 Championships, and diagrams out a sweet play run by Spain in applying off the ball movement. Once again, the Thunder could learn something from these young squads.

HoopSpeak Live: Episode 9 | HoopSpeak

Give a listen to the HS guys as they talk about lots of stuff, and possibly even some basketball.

Cuban Won't Get Fined For Appearing With Team at ESPYs | Ball Don't Lie

Shockingly, the NBA opted not to punish Mark Cuban for appearing on stage with his team at the ESPN award ceremony. 

Thunder Girls Travel to China | NewsOK

The OKC Thunder girls dance team is representing the NBA in China. I think it is outstanding that the NBA chose the Thunder franchise to represent the league globally in this regard.