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OKC Loud Links: ESPYs and Cones of Silence

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We've got several stories that showed up today that are bringing to the forefront the seeming randomness of how the league is treating player and team interactions. On one hand, you have a GM who cannot even give a one word answer to a reporter question, and on the other you've got an owner hamming it up with his teammates on a celebrity stage. 

Understanding and Fixing the CBA Mess, Part 2 | Daily Thunder

Max Trueblood makes another entry at DT to try to unravel the CBA problems. The one key element that stuck out to me was his recommendation to create a staggered revenue-sharing program, which balances out the discrepancies between large and small TV revenue markets.

Dallas Mavericks Win 'Best Team' at ESPY's | Mavs Moneyball

The Mavericks were deemed the best team at last night's ESPY's. It isn't difficult to see why - their team narrative was a remarkable arc that spanned half a decade, covered several continents, and involved a walkabout.

Mavs, Dirk Win at ESPY's | ESPN

Here is the full run-down of all last night's winners, if you're into that sort of thing. And with a lockout going on, I think you'd be hard-pressed to say that you have much else to keep you interested.

Higher TV Ratings Mean Possibly 30% More Broadcasting Fees | Forbes

The current deal the NBA has with TV runs through 2016, and as we've noted, now seems painfully one-sided. Forbes estimates that when the time comes for a contract extension, the NBA may be able to demand up to $1.2 billion per year, a 30% jump. That sounds awesome, however...I've never negotiated a TV deal, but isn't this the exact type of scenario that keeps getting the NBA in trouble, where they start negotiating long term contract extensions years before the current one even expires?

NBA Logo Roundup | Behind the Basket

They're taking a look at each team's logos and how they compare. While the Celtics logo will always have a soft spot in my heart, I think my personal favorite has always been the Chicago Bulls'. 

More links after the jump.

Putting Athletes in Bubbles | Wall Street Journal

As players have gotten richer and more recognized, so too as the trouble that follows them. Here is one company that helps to keep them safe, and I would imagine it is both comforting and a bit sad to realize this modern reality.

Can I Write Check? | Grantland

Here is part 2 of the Yao Ming retrospective. This time around, Kang looks at how Yao presented himself as an immigrant and eventually won over the league with his personalty and charm.

Revisiting the Bob Costas Revenue Sharing Plan | ESPN

Over a decade ago, sportscaster and baseball angel Bob Costas put forth a revenue sharing plan that actually sounds reasonable on paper, at least at first glance. At least it is based on some fundamental concepts like property rights and not a fictitious panacea that cures all things.

LeBron Units | Wages of Wins

Need another wall poster? Consider the LeBron Units standard of measure. Since LeBron James has statistically been the best player for years now, the WoW guys normalize everyone's stats in terms of LeBron's wins produced. I hope I'm not giving too much away when I state that Andrea Bargnani is the worst LeBron clone in existence. In other words, he has the potential of turning a LeBron into Keith Bogans.

D-I's Top 100 Players: 51-70 | Basketball Prospectus

They continue their countdown of the top D-I college basketball players, and today's allotment are players 51-70.

John Wall Lights Up the NC Pro-Am | Ball Don't Lie

We've seen the Drew League and the Goodman League, and now here comes the NC Pro-Am summer league, featuring Wizards phenom John Wall.

Union Head Supports Players Going Overseas | AP

Union head Billy Hunter has sent a memo to players saying that the union supports them pursuing their own professional endeavors in other countries as the lockout goes on. I hope he and his brain trust have thought this through thoroughly, because while I think it's a good leverage tactic, I'm hoping that it doesn't expose the players to risk of which they are currently unaware.

Lockout Players Can Golf With MJ But Not For Charity? | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer continues to hammer the league for its double-standards in what they will and will not allow in terms of team management communicating with the players.

League Threatened Trail Blazers GM With $1 Million Fine. Yeah. | BlazersEdge

The Trail Blazers GM was asked by a reporter if he thought the summer league would be canceled. He responded, "Yeah." He was soon threatened with a million dollar fine. Usher would be so ticked off by now.

Which makes me wonder...

Mark Cuban and Mavericks at ESPYs | Youtube

Did Mark Cuban have to get special permission to appear in the same state as his players? 

It's a Date With Kobe Bryant | GMA News

Kobe Bryant made an appearance in the Philippines for a exhibition game. He managed to suit up for both teams and by the look of it, made a good connection with the NBA fans there.

Mohammed Supports Laid-off Personnel | NewsOK

Nazr Mohammed took to Twitter to support the team staff that are also suffering through this lockout. I have a feeling his Tweets are in direct response to this.

Lockout Professionals | ESPYs

Ok, yeah, this was pretty well done. The Tyson Chandler part is probably my favorite.